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HP970-971 BagCIS system

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Product Description

This kit is now compatible with all firmware versions.


This OctoInkjet Bag CIS (Continous Ink Supply) system is one that we've spent some years working on and we're pleased to have a system that now provides a simple, minimal mess solution for OfficeJet Pro-X owners.

Most, if not all competing CIS systems for the HP Office Pro-X series require the end-user to modify their existing cartridges and potentially get rather messy with bulk bottles of ink. The OctoInkjet system does away with this by providing the following solution:

  • Pre-modified OEM cartridges, ready to prime and install
  • Ink supplied in quick connect/disconnect bags so there's absolutely NO need to pour ink from one container to another
  • Simple setup packaging that doubles as the ink bag holder and keeps everything tidy


System benefits

  • No need to carry out any drilling, cutting or other modifications to your existing cartridges (So you get to keep them in reserve)
  • No need to pour ink anywhere, just connect the bag and you're ready
  • Ink bags are not vented so there's no exposure to air, this in turn extends the life expectancy of the ink
  • Auto-open/close valves on both; the ink bags and the tubing connectors, making changeovers almost entirely mess free


Cost Savings

It goes without saying that there are serious savings available from a CIS system when compared to the HP Original/OEM cartridges but we also offer a saving over compatible ink cartridges, particularly when it's time to purchase new supplies of ink.

OctoInkjet CIS    
Initial Kit Cost Replacement Ink Cost Equivalent XL carts HP OEM Equivalent* Compatible Equivalent**
£299.95 £165 4.5 x Y
4.5 x M
4.5 x C
2 x BK
£823.72 £561.60
Initial CIS investment vs' equivalent: Save: £523.77 Save: £261.65
Cost of new inks vs' equivalent: Save: £688.77 Save: £426.65


Environmental Benefits

The system also has a significant environmental benefit through the materials used:

  • Significantly less plastic waste compared to compatible cartridges or indeed other CIS systems
  • We recycle used original cartridges, not new mouldings
  • Ink bags recycling is encouraged through our bag credit system
  • Where possible, low-cost recyclable materials, such as cardboard, are used in place of plastics
    (eg: cardboard shipping packaging doubles as the ink holder/tray)


Product Specification

This OctoInkjet BagCIS kit includes the following:

  • 4x 500ml bags of ink (Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta)
  • Each bag comprises:
    • A very strong plastic material that can absorb considerable pressure/abuse
    • Automatic valve that opens when connected to the CIS system and closes when removed
    • Plugged for shipping

  • Re-manufactured HP970/971 cartridges with ink connection system (valves, tubing, etc..)
  • 4x compatible chips (no ink levels)
  • 4x 20ml syringes + priming tips (for initial setup and any maintenance)
  • 1 pair gloves
  • Ink tray/holder (also doubles as shipping container)
  • Priming & setup instructions


Pricing/Cost Saving References:

HP OEM Equivalent*
We've rounded DOWN to give the equivalent full cartridge so you actually get even more savings!

HP 970/971 OEM XL full cartridge set @ £235.30 each x2
HP 970/971 OEM XL cartridge CMY colour set @ £176.56 each x2
Total: equivalent cost = £823.72 (2x BK + 4x each colour)
Based on eBuyer prices as at 31st July 2015

Compatible Equivalent**
HP 970/971 Compatible XL full cartridge set @ £154.80 each x2
HP 970/971 Compatible XL cartridge CMY colour set @ £126.00 each x2
Total: equivalent cost = £561.60
Based on StinkyInk prices as at 31st July 2015

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