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Canon Pro-9500 and Pro-10 compatible inks from OctoInkjet

OctoInkjet has been involved in developing and offering a series of different ink solutions for the Canon Pixma Pro-9500 (Mk1 and 2) as well as the Pro-10 and Pro-10S. During this time we've sold inks primarily from Image Specialists with a learning curve applied when we tried a new approach to the Pro-10.

This page gives a more detailed account of how our inks options came about, where they are most suitable (and when not) and links to further resources and/or information to help with your decision.


PGI-9 / PGI-72 Refilling - How to guides


The Canon PGI-9 and PGI-72 cartridges are effectively bag in a box designs which are incredibly simple to refill. There are effectively two different types of refill technique:

Both techniques are described in our YouTube channel (along with other resources).

Chip Resetting:

Resetting the cartridge chips ensures your printer is able to track the likely usage of ink and warn you when the cartridge is running low.

The reason this is so important is because if a cartridge is allowed to run out of ink the ink will not be available to print and criticially, cool, the printhead nozzles. If the nozzles are allowed to overheat they start to fail and a short term saving of around £40 will likely result in a long term cost of £100+ for a new printhead.

We do not recommend refilling without using a chip resetter as a result.


Compatible Cartridges

You can test out our ink options by purchasing a set of the appropriate cartridges and using them like any other compatible inks. Simply install and test them out on your chosen papers/media to see if they product the results you're after.

Don't forget to check for any media specific profiles that might be available to be sure to get the best result possible.

Canon Pro-9500 / PGI-9 Cartridges

Our PGI-9 improved ink set is available in a compatible set of cartridges that are already reset and refilled ready to be used.

These cartridge sets also provide you with a second set for refilling if you later decide to upgrade to one of our refill bundles (see below).

Canon Pro-10(S) / PGI-72 Cartridges

Our newly formulated PGI-72 ink set will be available in a compatible cartridge set.

  • These will be available in the near future


Our Compatible Ink Solutions

Pro-10 / Pro-10S

When the Canon Pro-10 first came out in 2013 we found that potential ink options were incredibly limited so we opted to pursue a set formulated for ourselves. Unfortunately, while we learned a lot about the process and the printers themselves the resulting ink set had a number of limitations so in 2016 we were able to revisit a much wider range of options and have since released our version 2 inkset.

Version 2 Ink Set (2016)

As of April 2016 this ink set has become our standard ink solution for refillers wishing to replace the more costly OEM/Original ink options provided by Canon.

Issues experienced in our earlier/development ink set have been resolved with this new ink set and remaining weaknesses on key media are resolved through the use of our Gloss Enhanced (Photo) Black option (see below).

Version 2 Gloss Enhanced (Photo) Black

This ink offers a 100% match to the original PGI-72BK ink and ensures full compatibility with the small number of papers/media where adhesion to the paper can be a problem.

At present this ink is only really needed in situations where Canon Pro-Platinum and Glossy Plus papers are being used and rough handling is expected.


Original/Development Set (Discontinued)

The original development ink set is still available while stocks last but does have a number of less desirable traits. As a result the inks are on sale with no warranty or guarantee.

For anyone using Matt/Matte or Lustre type papers/media these inks provide a good opportunity to print at incredibly low cost as the inks will still work. We would probably recommend purchasing the newer version 2 photo black however as the development version has a tendancy to gradually clog.

Issues experienced with the original/Development ink set:

  • Failure to adhere properly to Gloss media, particular Canon branded media
  • Poor colour matching for most colours, particularly the red.
  • Tendancy for PGI-72BK (photo black) to clog the cartridge membrane/sponge over time requiring flushing.

Media specific profiles are still available for these inks so, as noted, using them with matt/lustre papers will provide an excellent solution where cost is the primary factor.


Pro-9500 (Mk I / Mk II)

Original Ink set (Image Specialists)

This ink set has been a staple for our Pro-9500 customers for a number of years and produce a very good quality print on a variety of surfaces. Changes were required however when the formulation for the PGI-9GY and BK both indicated varying levels of adhesion with the Gray/Grey showing particular problems on almost all Gloss papers.

In tandem with our Pro-10 research we identify two replacement inks which have since been used great effect in our Pro-9500 ink set and resolve all* the issues previously experienced.

Version 2 Ink set

This ink set is being rolled in as an alternative to the original ink set as the latter are based on a formulation from Image Specialists. The company was rolled into another US firm, STS-inks in July 2014 and the new owners are slowly retiring the Image Specialist formulations in favour of their own solutions where appropriate.

At OctoInkjet we decided that we would plan ahead and have identified a good quality replacement ink set that shares some components with that of the PGI-72/Pro-10 set. We will continue to offer both ink sets as options but would recommend that new customers consider the latter ink set as a solution that will continued to be available long term.


Version 2 Gloss Enhanced (Photo) Black

This ink is a closer match to the PGI-72BK but provides a full compatibility with the small number of papers/media where adhesion to the paper can be a problem.

At present this ink is only really needed in situations where Canon Pro-Platinum and Glossy Plus papers are being used and rough handling is expected.


Other Notes / Resources

Beyond the information provided and linked above there are a number of additional resources available including the following:

  • Pro-10 - media specific profiles (for development and v2 ink sets)
  • Pro-9500 - media specific profiles (pending)
  • YouTube resources related to PGI-9 (and PGI-72)

This section will be updated as/when additional related materials become available.

Please note:
Refill techniques and cartridge maintenance functions such as chip resetting and purging/flushing are identical for both cartridge types. The key differences are the chips used.