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Refill Tools

OctoInkjet has moved on quite a bit since the early days of SquEasyFill and we now have a number of refill related tools...


Comprising our compressible bottles and male-luer caps the SquEasyFill system allows you attach female luer items like needles, and convert our ink bottles into unmetered syringes.

Useful for refill techniques:

  • Top Fill
  • Dribble Fill
  • Force Fill
  • Durchstich/German Method


This is the female luer equivalent of the SquEasyFill cap and again uitilises flexible/collapsible bottles... These caps are ideal for situations when you want to fill a syringe or similar without the need for long needles to access bottle contents.

Useful for refill technique:

  • Vacuum Fill
  • Measured Refilling (when a specific amount of ink is required, thus requires a syringe)


This tool seals the vent matrix/hole on compatible cartridges and allows users to vacuum refill their cartridges in tandem with our FlushFill clips. The system offers a low cost and easy to use system for refilling when cartridge modification is not preferred.

As a key tool that enables vacuum refilling/flushing it also allows cartridges to be reconditioned and resolve ink flow issues within the cartridge sponge.

Useful for refill technique:

  • Vacuum Fill

FlushFill™ Clips

These are effectively the version #2 upgrade of our flush clips that can now be used in refilling cartridges in addition to the flushing that they originally supported.

The clips are available with various colour codes to help avoid cross contamination between inks and compatible units are also used with our ClipClamp tool in vacuum refilling.

Available for multiple cartridge types

Useful for refill techniques:

  • Vacuum Fill
  • Force Fill (PGI-9, PGI-72)

... and cartridge flushing/reconditioning




The above tools are available from the OctoInkjet store and either as individual tools or as component parts in refill bundles, add-ons or similar.

A selection of kits will also be made available via eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces as time allows.

Please note these products are unlikely to be made available for license or resale by other retailers so please let us know if anyone starts to use our trademark or implies partnership when none exists.