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Recycling Cartridges


We are looking for used/empty original/OEM Canon cartridges of the following type:

  • CLI-42 (all colours)
  • PGI-29 (all colours)
  • PGI-72 (all colours)
  • PGI-9 (all colours)

All cartridges to be original type with chip still installed. Not compatible, third party type and preferably not modified for refilling.

Please see details below



Currently there is very little re-use of original Ink-tank type cartridges and we're looking for ways to recycle and re-use these cartridges ourselves.

Most recycling schemes do not target or accept these units so we're hoping to encourage end-users to send us their cartridges so we can clean them up and either remanufacture with our inks or offer as refill-ready cartridges for end-users interested in our refill kits.

So, we are looking for:

  • Empty/Used original (OEM) cartridges
  • Of specific types:
    • CLI-42 (used in Pro-100, Pro-100S)
    • PGI-29 (used in Pro-1)
    • PGI-72 (with orange transport clips if available)
    • PGI-9 (with orange transport clips if available)
  • With original chip still attached

To keep the costs of postage down and avoid generating more waste we ask the following:

  • Contact us with detais of what you have FIRST
  • Wait until you have at least 5 cartridges to send (preferably more)
  • No compatibles, third party or other cartridges

In terms of rewards/repayment

  • We will cover postage for items that fit the requirements/points above
  • Store credit per item as follows:
    • £0.25 credit on our store for all functional cartridges*
    • £0.05 for each PGI-72/9 transport clip (OEM only)
    • £0.05 for functioning OEM chips on otherwise broken cartridges*

*For all cartridges that meet our Target list requirements

We're also considering the option to donate your credit to charity if preferred. This would be to a specific nominated charity like Medecin Sans Frontiers or International Red Cross/Crescent to keep things simple.


Cartridge Recycling Companies?

We have contacted a number of cartridge recycling companies in the UK (and further afield) but if we missed your company and you have these cartridges, please contact us.