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SquEasyFill - logoIf you have ever tried to refill a cartridge or a CIS system you will doubtless have been aware that refilling usually involves:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Syringe(s)
  • Needle(s)
  • Bottle(s) of ink
  • Lots of cleaning and flushing out syringes and needles
  • ...and more...

The SquEasyFill kits provide a simpler way of handling refilling tasks by cutting out the syringe altogether.

You can see our new video comparison here

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And a side-by-side comparison...

"Normal" Refilling



 Take the lid off your bottle

You take the screwtop off your bottle and keep it safe


 Take the lid off your bottle

You take the screwtop off your bottle and discard if you wish

 Draw off the ink you need into your syringe being careful not to knock over the bottle of ink

Using your syringe with needle attached, you draw off the ink you are going to use.

Make sure you don't knock over the bottle!


 Replace the lid with the SquEasyFill lid and needle

Replace the screw top with the SquEasyFill lid complete with needle screwed in and the airtight cover over the needle end.

Make sure you screw it on tight.

Note: 20gauge needle and cover shown

 Make sure the screw top is secured back on the ink bottle

Make sure you don't spill the ink in the bottle by putting the screwtop back on


 Take the needle cover off

Take the cover off the needle ready for refilling

 Refill as normal, using the syringe to push ink into the cartridge

Refill as normal, pushing on the plunger to force ink into the cartridge/CIS reservoir.

Refill the syringe and repeat as required.


 Put the needle in the cartridge hole (or CIS refill port) and refill as normal with a gentle squeeze

Refill as normal, with a gentle squeeze on the bottle to push the ink into the cartridge (or CIS reservoir)

Swap the SquEasyFill top to another bottle of ink if you run out.

Finished Refilling

Empty any excess ink back in the bottle

Finished refilling so:

  • Remove the bottle screw top
  • Empty the excess ink back into the ink bottle
Make sure you put the right ink in the right bottle!

Finished Refilling

Put the needle cover back on the needle

Wipe the needle clean then put the needle cover back on the needle.

That's it!

 Screw the top back on the ink bottle

Screw the top back on the bottle of ink and store it.


 Flush out and clean the needle and syringe ready for the next colour or next refill

Make sure you have flushed all the ink out of the syringe and needle ready for the next refill job or the next colour ink.


Refilling with the last of the ink

With the syringe/needle option you either need a very long needle that reached the bottom of the bottle or you have to tip the bottle very carefully and use a one handed pull on the syringe to suck the last ink out.

Careful tipping and a one handed approach on the syringe to getting the last ink out of your bottle

The latter approach can easily result in ink spills if you aren't careful.


 Refilling with the last of the ink

With the SquEasyFill bottle you simply tip the bottle upside-down and fill vertically.

Tip the bottle vertically and continue to refill as normal

No mess or careful manipulation required.

SquEasyFill and Pigment Inks

Probably the biggest additional advantage to the SquEasyFill system is that you don't suffer problems caused by pigment inks on Syringe function. The problem is that the pigment particles act as a sort of sandpaper on the syringe chamber and increase friction between it and the plunger. This makes it harder to draw ink into the syringe or inject ink out. Eventually the syringe has to be replaced as a result.

The SquEasyFill bottles obviously just need a squeeze and there's no friction to worry about.

Syringes Are Still Useful

This comparison is not intended to say that the most common refill approach is "bad" but it should provide a few examples of how the SquEasyFill kit can make refilling easier.

Syringes are still useful when:

  • You need to know exactly how much ink has been injected into a cartridge (eg: Epson originals)
  • You need fine control of the ink flow to avoid overpressure

For this reason OctoInkjet still supply syringes for use as refilling tools.