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Canon iP8750 / iP7250 refill/ink options (and related)

Following substantial feedback from end-users we're offering a more expansive set of options for the iP8750 (6 cart) iP7250 (5 cart) and related printer models using the PGI-550 & CLI-551 cartridges.

The options come in two forms:

  • The cartridge type (OEM/Original vs' third party Refillable)
  • The ink options (Standard tuned 550/551 inks vs' Pro-100 ver2 based inks)


OEM/Original Cartridges

Canon original (OEM) XL capacity cartridges have been thoroughly cleaned, dried and then refilled with the relevant inks. This option includes the original chips still attached which means they can be reset (using the compatible REdSETTER) and provide the most reliable ink level monitoring. Coupled with the superior quality sponge and design inherent in the original cartridges this is a premium option.

When using this option it's well worth purchasing a second set of the XL cartridges (available seperately) to allow full-set-swapping and minimise the waste ink lost/generated.

3rd Party Compatible Cartridges

These compatible cartridges are trasparent and allow visual inspection of ink levels and are equipped with ARC (Auto Reset) Chips that reset when both prism sensor and chip indicate an empty level. In practice the chips reset process has quirks that can be frustrating for some and over time rarely match the ink level in the cartridges. Sponge quality is reasonable but ink flow does depend on proper priming of the cartridge before use (video guide is provided).

Standard 550/551 inks

These inks are a good colour match for the original 550 and 551 (and equivalents eg: 250, 251, 450, 451, etc..) ink set but tend to sufer from fading issues over time. So, for end-users who want something that prints reliably but don't need it to last this is a good economical ink option.

Pro-100 (CLI-42) ver.2 hybrid ink set.

Based on our Pro-100 ver.2 inks, this set provides a more vivid colour output and considerable improvement on fade resistance and longevity. While lacking the same range provided by the Light Grey and Photo Cyan/Magenta inks in the Pro-100 this does allow budget conscious end-users to make the most of the ink set in a much cheaper printer effectively providing a poor-mans Pro-100 at considerably less cost. The pigment black ink is the KMP 550 ink and is common to both ink sets.
NB: Profiling your paper/ink combination is recommended as the ink set has not been tuned to the 550/551 as standard.


Customers looking for a budget solution will benefit from the 3rd-party compatible cart and standard ink set solution, while we'd highly recommend the OEM/Original cart + our Pro-100 hybrid ink set for end-users wanting to get the very best out of the printer without needing to buy a Pro-100.

These kits are available as customisable product listings for 5 and 6 cartridge bundles with all the options noted above.


USA (250/251) and other x50/x51 cartridges?

Equivalent options for 220/221 and other sales zones are being considered and if you are interested in an ink+tools refill bundle without cartridges and/or REdSETTER, please let us know and we'll do what we can to make a kit suitable to your requirements.