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the Printer Potty

Printer Potty®

The Printer Potty® is the new brand name for our waste ink kits and helps encapsulate what you're doing when you install a waste ink tank in your inkjet printer,

ie: Potty training it

Ok, so it may be a so-so "cute" name but that doesn't detract from the fact that there are a lot of similarities between successfully potty training a small child and fixing one of these to your printer.

Small child Your Inkjet
No need to add to the landfill with more nappies No need to buy more printers as your existing unit stays out of the landfill for a lot longer
Saves you money (ish) Saves you money (see below)
No more overflowing nappies/diapers You can now ignore the waste pads


Ok, so that's a bit tongue in cheek but the points are still valid.

Environmental savings

By keeping your existing printer you are:

  • Keeping it out of the landfill/recycling chain for a lot longer
  • Reducing demand for new printers
  • Keeping unused cartridges, inks or CIS systems, again avoiding unnecessary waste

Cost/Money savings

With the minimal cost of the Printer Potty, keeping your printer running also saves a considerable amount of money:

  • No need to buy any new printers (potentially for 5+ years!)
  • No need to buy expensive new consumables
    (especially if original consumables are the only ones that would work with a new printer!)

Other savings

It's not just about money either:

  • No new software or drivers to install
  • No reorganising space to fit a new printer in
  • All your experience of your existing printer is still relevant so no new lessons, quirks to learn


Printer manufacturers may argue that their recycling intiatives can make use of almost all the materials when a printer is disposed of, but all this requires energy, potential pollution that needn't be expended in the first place.


Ultimately, it comes down to one thing...

Why throw out a printer when you can potty train it?