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Canon Pro-100 Refill Kit v2 (8x125ml)

  • Standard Refill Bundle for Pro-100 / Pro-100S
Includes Version 2 Ink Set (8x 125ml)
(Check specification for full kit contents)
$171.98 (inc VAT) VAT price applies to UK customers
$143.32 (ex VAT) ex-VAT price applies to EU & other non-UK customersex-VAT price applies to US & other non-UK customersex-VAT price applies to Canadian & other non-UK customersex-VAT price applies to Australian & other non-UK customers
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Product Description

We now have re-manufactured (refilled) and pre-modified cartridge sets available for sale for any end-user who wants to either:
  • have their cartridges already flushed and filled with the same inks...
  • same as above but also have them pre-modified, plugged and ready to refill.


This is the updated and vastly improved SquEasyFill Refill bundle for the Canon Pixma Pro-100 and Pro-100S printers (CLI-42)

The new kit includes our new version 2 inkset with significant fade resistance, larger 125ml ink volumes per bottle, and the flushFill clips + syringe for flushing/priming as required.


The standard refill bundles are designed for customers who already printing in volumes and the most economical package for seasoned refillers not just testing things out.


  • Costs a lot less than a new set of (OEM) Cartridges
  • SquEasyFill system caps, needles to speed up refilling
  • Reliable CLI-42 REdSETTER to reset cartridge chips so you retain ink level monitoring
  • Full instructions & support
  • Enough ink for 56 cartridges
  • Everything you need to get started with refilling



  • Printer: Canon Pixma Pro-100 / Pro-100S
  • Quantity: 8 bottles
  • Brand: OctoInkjet v2
  • Volume: 1 litre total - (125ml each colour)
  • Equivalent: 9+ per colour (OEM CLI-42 cartridge @ 13.6ml volume)
  • Cartridge Ref: CLI-42Y/C/M/BK/PC/PM/GY/LGY
  • Colours:
    • Yellow
    • Magenta
    • Cyan
    • Photo Black
    • Photo Cyan
    • Photo Magenta
    • Grey
    • Light Grey


Refill Kit Specification:

  • Type: SquEasyFill Cap/Needle set
    • Quantity: 8 caps/needles
    • Needle Length: 2" (5cm)
    • Needle Gauge: 20g
    • Needle Type: Blunt
    • Needle Scabbard/Cover: Included (x8)
    • Cartridge Plugs: 8 x Silicon Plugs (for top fill method)
  • Extra Tools: Carpenters Awl
  • FlushFill Clips: 1 set (x4)
  • Syringe: 50ml (x1)
  • Clips/Holders: CLI (x8)
  • Gloves: 1 pair Nitrile (Blue or Lilac)
  • Cartridge: CLI-8Y (for chip swap and use in place of CLI-42Y)


Resetter Specification:

  • Brand: REdSETTER
  • Power: USB (cable included)
  • Compatible: CLI-42Y/C/M/BK/PC/PM/GY/LGY
    This unit is only covered under warranty for use with Canon OEM/Original chips only



Additional Notes:
If you have any concerns regarding ink compatibility, please read this advisory before purchasing



  • Pixma Pro100
  • Pixma Pro100S

Other Details

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  1. Excellent product would recommend to anyone 5/5

    "Excellent product would recommend to anyone using The Canon printer system"

  2. Best inks I have ever used 5/5

    "I have been using Octoinket's inks for four years now. I had been using inks which were of German manufacture, and which were good, although there were some problems.

    I purchased Octo's inks and were quite pleased with them. I was asked to be a beta tester for the new inks which came out I believe earlier this year. I have been using them for awhile now, and have to say that they are wonderful. Rich colors, bright brilliant yellows. As I go through phases where I am printing alot for a month or two, and then leaving the printer idle for a few months, I am delighted to say that the inks have not dried out in the meantime and the colors are fresh as they ever were.

    Martin has been incredibly helpful and is always there if there are any problems and he does his best to help. I have rarely encountered such fine customer service anywhere.

    The new needle fill method makes refilling a much cleaner and easy process, and for me these inks will last a long time. Sincere thanks to Martin and his team for this product which has saved us a fortune in OEM cartridges over the years.

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For clarity, such reviews are marked as 'Posted by (via Ekomi/Email)' and, in case you want to verify, all Ekomi reviews can be found via our reputation page.

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