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Canon PGI-570/CLI-571 Redsetter [USB]

  • Canon PGI-570/CLI-571 Compatible chip resetter - removable guide for CLI-571 type carts
  • Canon PGI-570/CLI-571 Compatible chip resetter [REdSETTER] Unlimited resets
  • Canon PGI-570/CLI-571 Compatible chip resetter: USB A/B cable powered (cable included)
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Product Description

The folk at REdSETTER have been working hard to catch up with the new printers and we're now able to offer a choice of units for PGI-570, CLI-571 cartridge chips.

Key Features

  • USB power cable now uses standard USB port (as per your printer)
  • A power cable is included with the unit
  • The cartridge slots in horizontally rather than at an angle. As a result. any ink leakage caused by cartridge handling is less likely to ingress into the units electronics.

  • This unit has a choice of reset limits:
    • Limited (x150 resets)
      Will reset the equivalent of 30 x 5 cartridges or 25 x 6 cartridges (See below).
    • Unlimited
      No limit on the number of resets
  • Reset protection: Will only reset a cartridge chip once before the cartridge has to be used to allow a repeat reset (avoids wasting resets unnecessarily)
  • Trade-in discount available for expired limited units



  • Compatible with
    • PGI-570PGBK
    • CLI-571 C/M/Y/BK/GY
    • Setup, Standard, XL capacity cartridges

  • Reset Limit: 150 or Unlimited
  • Power: USB A/B type (Cable is included)



Instructions for Use:

  1. Plug the unit cable into the REdSETTER and an available USB socket (for power)
    Tip: Your printers front Pictbridge socket can power this unit too (when the printer is switched on)

  2. Slot it into the guiding grooves so that the pins make contact with your cartridge chip

  3. Wait for a single short red LED blip followed by a longer LED burst

  4. That's it...

The REdSETTERs also come with a removeable guide which allows you to slide CLI-571 cartridges into place or just remove it to reset the larger PGI-570 cartridge instead.

Power is provided via a standard A/B type USB cable (provided).


Reset Limit Options

The two units come with either an unlimited or limit to the number of chip resets they will complete... While, initially, it may be tempting to jump for the unlimited version, it is still worth considering your likely usage before jumping for the most expensive option...

Unlimited option

As per earlier models this unit can reset an unlimited number of chips compatible with the unit. Given the other limited version will handle the equivalent of 30 sets of 5 cartridges this unlimited unit is actually more suited for commercial refill operations or prolific refillers who get through a lot of cartridges.

Limited option

This REdSETTER unit has a limit to the number of resets it will perform.
Total number of resets available: 150

This is equivalent to 30 sets of 5 cartridge or 25 sets of 6 cartridges so it can actually handle a lot of work.

Reset Protection: The resetter will only reset the unit to full if the cartridge has been installed and recognised in a printer since the last reset. Pressing a cartridge into the REdSETTER multiple times, without installing the cartridge in a printer, will only deplete the reset count once.


The production of two seperate product options has allowed the manufacturers to ensure the cost/price unit down and care has been taken to avoid wasting resets with the inclusion of a reset protection function.




We will be offering a trade-in discount for OctoInkjet customers who have purchased one of our Limited 570/571 REdSETTERs and need to replace it after reaching the limit. Contact us for more information




  • Pixma MG5750
  • Pixma MG5751
  • Pixma MG5752
  • Pixma MG5753
  • Pixma MG6850
  • Pixma MG6851
  • Pixma MG6852
  • Pixma MG6853
  • Pixma MG7750
  • Pixma MG7751
  • Pixma MG7752
  • Pixma MG7753
  • Pixma TS5050
  • Pixma TS5051
  • Pixma TS5053
  • Pixma TS5055
  • Pixma TS6050
  • Pixma TS6051
  • Pixma TS6052
  • Pixma TS8050
  • Pixma TS8051
  • Pixma TS8052
  • Pixma TS8053
  • Pixma TS9050
  • Pixma TS9055

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