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International orders are now being accepted with some restrictions
Brexit and Covid-19 related delays and problems.

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Order/Stock/Support Status [Updated: 3rd Mar' 2021]

Posted on 28th Jan 2021 @ 9:30:07 PM

Overall status:

  • Orders are normally being shipped Mondays and Thursdays only.
    We are, when possible, despatching orders within 24 hours for the following services: DHL Parcel, DPD, DHL Express, Fedex or Spring Global. Royal Mail is only shipped Monday/Thursdays.

  • UK customers: Please allow up to 8 working days for Royal Mail services to deliver as some areas are experiencing significant delays due to staff sickness and covid restrictions.
  • We are now accepting International Orders but delays are expected.
  • Covid-19 continues to affect all deliveries, particularly those reliant on airlines for transport of mail/packets like Australia, Canada, etc... 
  • Covid-19 also affects our own staff availability and support/sales response times as we juggle child care, lockdown restrictions and other hurdles as best we can.

International (Non-EU Orders)

  • Shipping services have been enabled for all non-EU/EEA countries and customers and seem to be progressing "normally".
  • Covid-19 continues to affect shipments, customs clearance and ultimately slows the delivery process considerably.
  • Spring (Global) now offers a number of priority and economy services.
  • DPD Classic (Road) has been tentatively re-enabled.

International (EU/EEA Orders) 

  • Business customers MUST provide their valid EORI number with their order or the order will be cancelled and refunded.
  • Valid email and phone (preferably mobile/cell) are required to ensure that customs charges can be communicated for payment.
  • The following shipping services are enabled for EU/EEA customers as follow:
    • Spring (Global) is now available as a shipping service option. (A bug affecting customers in Ireland has been fixed)
    • DHL Express for anything of higher value or where speed is required. (Import VAT and Duty will need to be paid before receipt).
  • Covid-19 continues to affect the speed or any delivery and customs clearance will mean that orders take longer than normal too.
  • Other services are on hold pending updated information and clarity on procedures.
  • Most Royal Mail services have been suspended while we fully evaluate Spring as a more reliable alternative.

UK Orders

  • DHL Parcel and DPD (UK) are now back to a relative "normal".
  • Royal Mail continues to provide inconsistent results with some very quick deliveries compared to other heavily delayed orders regardless of the service chosen.

Final Comments.

  • Shipping services are starting to apply the lessons learned from Brexit and we've been adjusting our own expectations and information requirements accordingly. There will still be some headaches and lessons to learn but we're developing a stronger set of options as a result.
  • Manufacturing of flush clips and rebottling of inks is ongoing and we're starting to catch up on our manufacturing queue.
  • As ever, Covid-19 is still very much a factor that continues to cause numerous "normal" problems for 2020-21.



Earlier Updates:

Overall: 8th Feb 2021

Some hard lessons have been learned following Brexit, many of them completely unanticipated and while we accept some mistakes, we weren't alone in hitting a brick wall after January 1st. A month later, we have finally started to identify most of the issues and are in the process of resolving each although in some cases the 

Regrettably many of the couriers and shipping services we use have experienced massive issues and while some have risen to the challenge and communicated effectively as to issues, resolutions and timescale... Others have not. DPD in particular has been a sustantial source of frustration and silence while returning substantial numbers of orders with zero opportunity to understand, learn from and improve. Nearly a month on we are only now receving the information we needed to adjust effectively and solve the problems but we are finally getting what we needed.

Overall : 1st Feb 2021

Frankly, Brexit has strained our resources, patience and creativity to breaking point and this coupled with effects of Covid-19 and our continued family responsibilities has required everyone to dig deep. I honestly can't thank everyone on the team enough for all their hard work in incredibly difficult circumstances.

We do have a manufacturing backlog and some jobs are taking much longer than expected. We're currently expecting some key tasks to take until the school half term (mid-February to catch up) so if you're waiting for something, please bear with us.

As ever, thanks for your patience, your continued support and kindness.