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Site Upgrade & New KB/FAQ tool [Updated: 14/02/22]

Posted on 9th Feb 2022 @ 2:50:21 PM

The OctoInkjet site has been run on some pretty old software that has made it difficult for us to improve or add some new content, particularly when it came to our Knowledgebase/FAQ section.

For the last week we've been transferring the old content, updating and/or marking items that need proper re-writes and then redirecting all the old links across to the new KB tool. With this completed we've now been able speed up the whole site by finally switching away from a rather old PHP interpreter to something far faster and secure.

In case that technical info' has flown right over your head, here are the key points:

  • Knowledge Base (KB) / Support docs have now moved to a new tool.
  • KB information will now display MUCH better on mobile devices.
  • The website now loads faster.
  • Video content in particular will be much more accessible.
  • We've found some old articles that we'll be updating.



  • Fixed an issue that was blocking the loading/viewing of images stored on the old KB. [Fixed: 14/02/22]


Found a bug/problem?

While we have gone through and debugged the site functionalty as much as humanly possible, there may be a couple of outlying bugs we've missed so if you hit any problems please contact us with as much information about:

  • date/time
  • site link/page you were on
  • what you were trying to do
  • errors displayed

... and we'll get on it as quickly as we can.