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Reputation & Reviews

OctoInkjet is very much a small business that started from a labour of love, of sorts. To that end we try very hard to put a great deal into providing a quality service both in terms of products but also with regard to support and communication.

Rather than blather on about how well (or not) we feel we're doing, you can see reviews, recommendations and feedback from our customers via any of the following spaces:



We've been using this service for more than a decade now and while it's nice to get positive feedback, it also helps us to identify and problems, get suggestions for improvement and it now allows us to collect product reviews too.

See Ekomi Feedback




Many customers have discovered OctoInkjet through our store on eBay so if eBay feedback is your go-to then you can see that here:

See Ebay feedback



As per eBay we also have an Amazon store although it's not heavily populated with our products. Similarly if you rate Amazon for useful feedback you can find it here:

See Amazon feedback



We should be spending more time on this but you can also find a few of our Facebook followers and posts on our FB store page.