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International Shipping - Dev Log

Posted on 18th Jul 2023 @ 1:49:10 PM

To make it easier for International customers to make a single payment for their products, shipping AND applicable taxes, we're working on an update to our store that will make that possible (for some countries). At the moment only EU (non-business) customers with orders under 150 EUR are able to do this.

So, we are currently working in tandem with our shipping service providers, particularly Spring GDS, who are slowly making it possible for us to take orders on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis.

At the moment we are still working on the necessary code changes and testing everything but here's the current roadmap:

  • Phase #1 [Implemented]
    • EU IOSS - Non-business EU customers are pre-charged import VAT for orders under 150 EUR.
    • Australia - Faster DDP service.
  • Phase #2 [Implemented]
    • Code Cleanup - Cleaning up and streamlining code from Phase #1
    • Code Upgrade - Add functionality that applies import tax(es) when specific shipping service(s) and countries/provinces are selected during checkout and on the "view cart" page.
    • Canada - Pre-charge of appropriate GST, PST and/or HST payment when the Spring - Priority DDP [T] service is selected.
  • Phase #3 [Planned]
    • Netherlands - Registration with Netherlands Belastingdienst (Tax office) for OSS 
    • EU - Full import duty/VAT payment for business customer orders and also non-business customers orders over 150 EUR in value.
  • Phase #4
    • USA - Priority customs clearance up to $800 USD in value