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Shipping Services [USA] - Oct 2020 onwards

Posted on 3rd Oct 2020 @ 12:28:12 PM

Back in 2018, the USA announced that it would be leaving the UPU (Universal Postal Union) if a number of key demands weren't met. A compromise was struck which has had a substantial effect on the cost of sending items into the USA via the postal system and as of October 1st of 2020 the cost of posting has jumped considerably.

  • Standard Airmail has effectively doubled in price
  • Tracked & Signed items costs have gone up by around 40% (depending on weight).

There's no way to sugar coat it... Our shipping prices had to change to cover this increase.

The good news is that, for higher value items, the ability to use DHL Express means that we can ship things like Refill kits, ink sets, etc... at a much reduced cost, compared to the postal service, and MUCH faster than by post. Fedex is still an option but is not performing as well as it has in the past.


Long term, we are looking at out options, particularly with regards to low price items like our Printer Potty and Printer Pad products. One key idea we're pursuing is a potential distributor or reseller to take these on. Such a move would undoubtedly improve the accessibility of these products to the North American market but we're in the times of Bre*t and Covid-19 so small, slow steps required.


Any increase like this is going to be unwelcome but as with so many things in 2020 it's completely outside our control.