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...and now for some good news

Posted on 19th Mar 2020 @ 3:42:32 PM

Right.. virii, panic buying, and loo-roll fort building aside we do have some good news to share.

Cartridge re-manufacturing Update

The jigs we were making to help speed up and simplify cartridge cleaning have been completed and we're now using them in our cartridge washing process properly using the various lessons learned in the past 18 months. It still needs some tweaking and improvement but it's already paying dividends in processing speed.

Unfortunately the new team member recruit has had to be be put on hold as they have their own family to look after and no backup.


New Products Incoming

Maintenance Boxes (T3661, T04D1, T04D0...)

We have a slew of compatible Maintenance Box products in, or coming soon, for Epson XP and ET products. Epson at timese seem to be asleep at the wheel with their OEM products so we're doing our best to get a healthy stock of the compatible units in.

We have also bought in some of the printers themselves with a view to creating hybrid Printer Potty units based on the maintenance boxes with a compatible chip resetter although some problems have cropped up so we need to work on a solution. Time will tell if this mini-project gets off the ground.


Refill Kits & New Inks (XP-6000, XP-8500, XP-15000, etc...)

We'll soon be testing the available compatible inks, cartridges and resetting solution available for these printers so, time/results dependent, we're hoping to be making refill kits available in the coming months.


Long/Secure Silicon Plugs (Canon lipped type)

Early in February we took some time to review the plugs available for Canon cartridges and realised that the moulding tolerances had changed so not all plugs were fitting properly. We dragged in a slew of different types from various sources and identified a better candidate for cartridges that can accept a lipped plug. Shot some raw video footage comparing them all and placed our order just in time for the virus to hit.

Long version short, our new plug stock has arrived in multiple colours so a listing for the new plugs will be going up shortly and we'll be editing the video to introduce the changes soon.

Medium term plans are intended to offer pre-modified cartridge sets for the CLI-42's and any other lipped capable cartridges but as it's another manufacturing task it's going to take time before we can start offering them.



There are other small tweaks and changes pending but obviously time is the main limiting factor. We'll announce these in due course...