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France/Spain Shipping Changes : Tracking required

Posted on 21st Jun 2018 @ 10:38:11 AM

Short Version:

Due to a substantial increase in undelivered, uncollected and "lost" packages going to some European countries, we have been forced to require a tracked postal service for orders to France, Spain and Italy. This ensures that orders to those countries will actually arrive.

Long Version:

Over the last year, and particularly the last 6 months we have noticed a substantial increase in both the delivery time required for items to reach customers in some European countries, particularly France and Spain. Additionally there has been a marked increase in items being returned as "uncollected" when no attempt has been made to deliver and no notice left for the customer. We can only guess at the motivation for such unprofessional actions, but ultimately it means that both ourselves and more importantly our customers are being incovenienced and frustrated by orders failing to arrive.

By using tracked postal services mean we can at least keep an eye on the progress and identify any delays or "collection required" issues but it does mean an increase in shipping costs.

We take absolutely no delight in this change but regrettably we have little choice.


Long Term Plans

As a business and as individuals, we rely on a global community that both supplies, supports and engages with us as manufactures, customers and collaborators and we will continue to do so.

In more pragmatic terms will be placing a greater emphasis on finding more cost effective, tracked solutions for shipping within the EU and worldwide so we look forward to being able to provide those shortly.