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Epson CX6600

These instructions show how to modify the CX6600 to redirect waste ink from the printhead cleaning function to an external waste ink tank.

Locate and Remove the Trapdoor

The picture (#1) on the left shows you the location of a trapdoor found on the base of the printer.

You will need to prise open this trap door using a slim and very strong instrument such as a small jewellers screwdriver to gain access to the waste ink tube.

Note: Wear eye protection to avoid injury if you slip with ANY tool!

Once you've managed to prise open the trapdoor you should see the waste tube running close by as shown in picture #2

Release the tubing

When I attempted this myself I cut the tubing, but it turns out you can release the tubing without cutting by locating it from above by opening the printer and locating the metal butterfly clip that holds the tube in place.


To clear the printhead out of the way and gain access to the waste ink tube:    

  • Select the maintenance function
  • Select "change cartridge"
  • Press the "Colour" button
    This will move the cartridges out of the way of the rest pad and make it easy to move.
  • Remove the power cord from the printer without turning off the printer
    (ie: just pull out the cord, don't turn it off on the panel)
  • Open the printer as you would normally to access the cartridges
  • Gently ease the printhead unit over to the far left of the printer out of the way

You should see the inside of your printer as shown above (minus the continuous ink supply tubing)

Once you have located the clip you carefully press the two "wings" together and slide the clip up the tube. The clip normally keeps the tube in place so by removing it you will find it easier to release the waste tube from the fitting.

Please note: The image (left) indicates where the pump end of the tube is located. This should NEVER be disconnected and is provided for reference so you don't pull the wrong end!


With the tubing release you should now be able to see something like this (see picture #4 - left)

Extend the Waste ink Tube

You'll want to extend this tubing using your waste ink kit or some tubing you have available but whatever you do it's advisable to:

  1. Drill a suitable size holed in the trapdoor.
  2. Thread the extension tube through the trapdoor hole
  3. Attach the extension to the original waste tube, keeping the barbed fitting (if you're using a waste ink kit) inside the printer.
This approach ensures that even if the extension is pulled off, the original waste ink tube won't be pulled off the pump in the printer (which is 10 times worse than ink spills as it kills your printer!).

How? Simple, the barb won't pass through your hole (or shouldn't if you drilled is small enough!) so it acts as a sort of brake.


Raise the Printer

Once you've checked the system is connected properly you then need to push home the trapdoor and place the printer on a raised area that allows the waste tube out of the base of the printer without crimping or placing any kind of strain on it that would create a blockage.

This should be about 1cm high at least and you can make things easier by angling the hole in the trapdoor when you drill it to reduce the required bend.

Of course you could simply drill a hole in the desk/table where your printer sits but this isn't recommended as parents, wives, etc... tend to frown at this sort of thing. You can also cause a free-flow syphon effect if you place the waste ink tank/kit too far beneath the printer.

The CX6600 is one of the most wasteful printers when it comes to waste ink pushed out during a printhead cleaning cycle so this modification is well worth the effort.

Resetting the waste ink counter

Assuming you have completed your modification you can reset your printers waste counter using this method (This is untested so I can't guarantee it works but reports indicate it should)

  1. You will see big button on your printer like power on (this is on the left
  2. side), black & white photocopy, color photocopy, and then the stop button (these are on the right side).
  3. first turn off your printer
  4. push the b/w + color + stop buttons together and hold
  5. push the power on button and hold (so you'll now be holding down 4 buttons together)
  6. Don't release all the buttons until you see the light indicator is blinking and then a message display on the lcd
  7. release all the buttons
  8. push the color button (once)
  9. turn off the printer
  10. turn it on again

You can also use the SSC utility to reset the waste ink counter if you prefer