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Video resources & player updates

Posted on 28th Feb 2017 @ 9:37:23 PM

With the release of the PGI-550/570 and CLI-551/571 refill bundles and tools, we've started producing video guides that tackle a number of refill related topics and will shortly be revisiting a number of other areas that desperately need a refresh.


Video Player Update

Due to the continuing issues and increasing limits being placed on Flash Player based video files we've switched most of our existing video feeds to use HTML5 players or Youtube. It's likely we've missed a few of the existing resources, particularly those embedded in product listings but we'll update as we locate and edit these.


PGI-550/570 and CLI-551/571 Top-Fill instruction guide

As part of the review and refresh process we've created a new video on top-fill refilling aimed at the 550/551, 570/571 type cartridges although it's equally useful for cartridges in other sales zones (eg: PGI-170, CLI-951, etc...) as well as a general refill guide.

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More videos are due to follow, including:

  • Flush clip vacuum refilling review
  • Fill Bill FOCUS review
  • Jero HpCa Jig review
  • Alternative refill techniques
  • Troubleshooting cartridge ink flow