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Where is my order?

If your order has been sent using a tracked service then you will have been sent a tracking number with your dispatch confirmation. You can then use the tracking reference with the appropriate service below:


Fedex (Federal Express)


DHL Parcel

Use the Consignment Number from your dispatch notification to track or re-arrange delivery of your item

Royal Mail

Standard information about dispatch and whether any delivery attempts have been made


We use a number of different carriers and postal services to ship Internationally so please use the service indicated with your tracking information (if tracking was part of the service).

DHL Express

For International Express parcels only, not to be confused with DHL Parcel.

Fedex (Federal Express)



Spring Global/GDS is part of PostNL and you can track your packages through their partner site:

Royal Mail

Royal Mail now provides information on packages once handed off to the appropriate international delivery partner.
(See “Other International Services” below for alternative tracking when sent through Royal Mail [RM] )

Asendia (WN Direct)

Asendia took over WNDirect sometime back but tracking for this service is done through their site as they use a multitude of different carriers to get packages delivered quickly. You can track via this link:


In some instances packages sent through Royal Mail can be sent on for delivery through GLS. This is usually indicated on the tracking information provided by the Royal Mail web site but this link is useful as a reference if you’re not sure:


Other International Tracking Services


Please use the “Track with options” button to allow you to see the Royal Mail tracking information and then select your country to track the item in your own country.

There is always a delay while items pass customs/import checks before the item passes into the country of the recipient. This often appears as if the item has entered the country and been lost. However, customs don’t track the item while in their custody.


This is an invaluable site for us and tracks far more carriers than any of the other tools we’ve used.

Untracked Orders

Note: In most cases Economy shipping services are sent untracked.

Services that are untracked will have no useable tracking number so it is not possible to provide delivery status of such packages.

If you are looking for a rough estimate for delivery times then please check this this article but please remember that delivery times are affected by global events such as airline capacity, pandemics, etc… so adjust expectations accordingly.

Updated on 11 October 2022

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