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Local Pickup/Collection Policy

Apologies for the very long winded policy document but hopefully this explains in detail when collection is available and what you need to do in order to get your order placed, prepared and ready for collection.

What is “Customer Collection”

This is for customers who prefer to collect from the OctoInkjet workshop (S74 9DG, UK)

It is not the equivalent of Collect+ or similar.


Local collections incur a small charge of £0.50


We do not have a retail shop so collection must be arranged in advance and due to our working hours we cannot guarantee to be available during what most might see as the “normal” working day.

Please allow at least 24 hours for an order to be prepared and ensure you have a confirmed collection date/time before setting off.

How to Order:

  1. Please contact us in advance to check availability.
  2. Place your order as normal (Choose the “Customer Collection” shipping option during checkout).
  3. Wait for the order status to change to “Awaiting Pickup”
  4. Bring your order reference and some form of identification (so the package can be released to you)
  5. Pickup the item from the address provided once we have organised collection date/time.


The following conditions apply:

  1. Orders must be paid for and cleared in advance using the normal checkout procedure
    (Cash cannot be accepted under any circumstances)
  2. We try to get orders ready as quickly as possible but collection cannot be guaranteed for same or next day
    If you need something quickly please contact us to check availability BEFORE ordering
  3. Once confirmed as ready, collection is available as arranged.
  4. Pickup is unavailable outside of normal business hours (eg: weekends)

Right to Refuse:

  • In some circumstances it may be impossible to accept a local pickup for orders
  • In the event any customer ignores any of the above conditions their order may be cancelled, refunded and future orders refused.
  • OctoInkjet Limited is an indirect mail order retailer/supplier without a store front. As such we don’t incur the financial or time costs of running a store front or providing in-person support
  • This service is provided solely for those customers who live locally and who would prefer local pickup.
Updated on 7 February 2022

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