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DDP – Shipping explained

Short Version

Selecting DDP shipping service will :
> Allow you to pay all applicable import duties and taxes as part of your OctoInkjet order.
> Avoid any additional charges from your local postal service.
> Speed up delivery of your order (as customs clearance is much quicker).

DDP stands for “Delivery Duty Paid” which is a technical term used in the shipping industry to say that a consignment is shipped with all the relevant customs duty and taxes pre-paid by the shipper so that the person/business receiving the consignment doesn’t get charged any additional fees before their package(s) can be delivered.

Normally when you order Internationally you receive an invoice or charge notice that consists of an administration fee, the import duty and the import tax (VAT/GST/etc…) that’s due before your order can be delivered. Additionally, it takes longer for shipments to be processed while the customs department in your country calculates the amount to charge you then send you the invoice by post or email. This approach is known as DAP (Delivery At Place) or DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) and it’s slow.

So, at OctoInkjet we’ve been very keen to embrace any shipping services that allow us to send you your order DDP.

To take advantage of this option (if it’s available) look for specific shipping services marked as DDP (eg: Priority DDP [T]) and select the appropriate one as your shipping option.

You will then see the appropriate import taxes/duty have been calculated and added to your checkout so you get to pay for everything in one single transaction through our store.

You can use the store cart, to check if a DDP service is available, and the potential cost, by using the “view cart” link to open your shopping cart and then click the “Estimate Shipping & Tax” to fill out and get your shipping options and tax information.

Note: Tax information will only be calculated once you’ve selected the DDP shipping option and clicked “Update Shipping Cost

Expense vs’ Benefits

Naturally, these shipping options are more expensive than regular tracked shipping but when you compare it to the overall cost of using shipping normally you usually find it’s actually cheaper overall. This is particularly true once you factor in the admin cost that postal services usually charge to take your import tax payment.

Don’t forget that your order will usually clear customs and be delivered much quicker too.

If you have any questions about this service please contact us and we’ll do our best to help further.

IOSS is different

European consumers who place order of less than 150 Euros in value also pay their taxes up front but these orders do not require a special shipping service. If you want more information on EU orders of this type please visit this page for more information.

Updated on 19 July 2023

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