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EU Orders – July 1st 2021 >

This article has been written to cover the changes in VAT handling applied on July 1st 2021.We are now registered under the IOSS scheme which allows us to charge VAT to customers placing orders under 150 EUR in (pre-tax) value. This process is expensive and is currently being tested with low value orders, but once fully working, we will be able to fully reopen our order system to EU customers.
We will update this article as soon as we make progress.

Following the departure of the UK from the EU community, the process of ordering from and delivering to the EU has been considerably harder and much slower than it was before January 1st 2021. While not perfect the introduction of new VAT rules for import into the EU have made it a little easier to avoid the huge admin fees couriers have been charging to handle the import VAT costs although this only applies for orders under 150 Euros in value.

This guide clarifies how we can now help customers in the EU to order our products.

Customers in the EU can now place their orders via our stores with some specific changes to the way that VAT, currency options and shipping are handled.

All EU orders can only be paid in Euros (EUR) currency.

We are required to file tax returns for all our EU based orders in Euros and the new requirements for tax handling require us to calculate most EU orders in Euros as well. For this reason we now require all orders being purchased from and/or shipped into the EU be paid in Euros.

EU Orders under 150 Euros (pre-tax) – IOSS

We are now required to charge all EU customers the VAT rate set by their country on all goods up to 150 Euros in value under a new system labelled (IOSS – Internet One Stop Shop)

eg: Customer in Italy with goods valued to 140 EUR will pay 22% VAT on their order.

Customers should receive their goods much faster and should not be charged separately by the postal/courier service before they can receive their goods.

IMPORTANT: You should not place multiple orders under 150 EUR value each. All order information is digitally submitted to customs services and we have been warned that attempts to abuse the IOSS system/limit are likely to be identified resulting in fines, additional fees and delays before orders can be received.

EU Orders over 150 Euros (pre-tax) – OSS

For orders valued at over 150 EUR, VAT is not included in, nor charged with the order. Instead you pay the non-VAT amount on our store. When your order has shipped you will receive a separate payment request from your chosen postal/courier service, for all Import Duty and VAT owed on the order.

Customs/Shipping Charge Changes

By registering for the IOSS tax system we have been able to reduce the administrative cost of importing into the EU/EEA by as much as 15 EUR. We are applying a small charge to cover the expense associated with the IOSS system, but this is considerably cheaper and much quicker than before. It also should mean that customers don’t have to make any additional payments (for orders under 150 EUR).

Final Comments

As a company that engages in International trade with suppliers and customers all over the world, we are always looking for ways to make it easier for our community to access our products, services and support. Unfortunately, at present, we are having to navigate confusing and sometimes hostile new rules that make it harder for us to help you. We didn’t ask for any of it but we continue to do our best to make it easier for all of us, as much as we possibly can.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding.

Updated on 8 December 2021

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