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Canon Pro-10 :: Tips & Troubleshooting

This article covers tricks, tips and work-arounds that can be used to resolve problems such as ink starvation/flow issues, paper/ink incompatibilities and other issues as we learn and document them.

PGI-9 Common Resources

The PGI-72 cartridges used in the Pro-10 are virtually identical to the PGI-9 type used in the Pro-9500. As a result resources produced for the Pro-9500/PGI-9 are usually directly applicable to the Pro-10 and PGI-72 cartridges as well.

Existing video resources for the Pro-9500/PGI-9 can be found here.

Ink Adhesion and Potential Work-arounds

Revised: May 2016

While ink adhesion has, historically, been a problem with our earlier PGI-72/Pro-10 ink set, the issue has since been resolved with the development of a new (version 2) ink set. In particular the replacement of the Photo Black and Grey inks has removed the issue for all but a small number of paper types.

At present only the Canon Pro-Platinum and Canon Plus Glossy II papers are known to experience problems with adhesion and in testing we have found this is limited to the Photo Black and usually offset reasonably well with sufficient drying time.

To completely remove this issue for all media we have sourced a specific Gloss Enhanced ink option which is fully compatible with all media including the Canon branded papers identified above. It is not included as standard due to the high cost of the ink and the small number of papers affected.

Gloss Differential / “Bronzing”

While we’re still investigating this further, one way to reduce the effect of Bronzing is to utilise the Chroma Optimizer to provide a clear coating across the entire image.

  1. Setup the printing job, ICM handling, etc… as normal
  2. In Printing Preferences
    1. Click on the “Clear Coating” tab
    2. Set “Clear Coating Area” to “Overall
  3. Apply all other settings as required

This setting then ensures the Chroma Optimiser is applied to cover the entire page.

– Use of this work-around will, of course, use much more of the Chroma Optimiser than other Clear Coating settings.



Other resources will be included as/when we have documented them…

Updated on 11 February 2022

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