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Paul Roark – Black & White inksets and printing ( B&W )


At the request of a few of our customers, OctoInkjet continues to stock a number of the component inks used in the opensource Black and White monotone ink sets created by Paul Roark in his comprehensive instruction sets on https://www.paulroark.com/BW-Info/

If you don’t already know about this resource, then we recommend you visit the site and spend some time reading.

While we don’t directly support, nor have the experience needed to use these sets, we have, over time, helped various customers by supplying the relevant component inks. So, to make things easier for everyone, this FAQ links the terms used in the different guides, to the relevant products that we supply.

Note: Click the underlined Product title to visit the appropriate product page

We are now able to offer the Lucia Ex’ inks in 50ml volumes. These are OEM inks that have been harvested from wide format 706 cartridges and made available in smaller volumes for those who weren’t wanting to purchase a whole £200+ worth of cartridge themselves.

Disclaimer: While the inks are OEM, they no longer have any warranty, guarantee, nor will they be supported by Canon.


As noted above, we do not have direct experience of using the Paul Roark ink sets ourselves but our customers have often shared information and their adventures with us over time, so we’re happy to share what little info we have if needed.

Updated on 11 February 2022

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