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Canon ImagePROGRAF Pro-1000 Refilling

Our refill guide for the PFI-1000 is available on YouTube.

Full Pro-1000 Refill Bundle

PFI-1000/Canon Pro-1000 Refill bundle with inks, refill tools, 1x full set of single use chips, SquEasyV system with syringes, adapters, etc…
Click this link for the full refill bundle for the Pro-1000
(additional chips available as sets and individually as separate purchases)

Refill adapter/tip

Pro-1000 Refill Adapter

A simple but effective luer adapter that has been modified to allow easy refilling of PFI-1000 cartridges.

SquEasyV System

SquEasyV cap set

Because the refilling process requires a measured approach the refill kit can’t really make use of our standard SquEasyFill system but instead you can benefit from using our unique SquEasyV variant which makes the process of refilling with syringes much simpler by removing the need for any needles to get ink out of your ink supply bottles. You can see how this system works in the refill guide video (above).

Pro-1000 Inks

Canon Pixma Pro-1000 compatible ink set

The Pro-1000 ink set has been developed specifically for the Pro-1000 model and is also compatible with the Pro-2000 and 4000 printers.

Worth noting that the Matt black and Chroma Optimiser are common to other printer models but all other colours are specific to this printer.

Disabling Ink Monitoring (Chip)

You can refill your cartridge at any point but you will only be able to disable the ink monitoring if the cartridge has been marked with an error code 1753.

If you refill before the ink levels are detected as low the printer will continue to assume the cartridge is reasonably full until it calculates that the ink used exceeds a specific limit at which point it will mark the cartridge as low before finally marking the cartridge as empty and in need of replacement. It’s at this point you can disable ink monitoring.

Some compatible single use PFI-1000 chips may not allow ink monitoring to be disabled in which case they will need to be replaced by OEM PFI-1000 chips which should work even if marked as empty.

Updated on 10 January 2024

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