Canon Pro-1: Refilling

Our refill bundle is covered by our own instructions video which includes a guide for using the SquEasyV needle-free system.

Coming Soon:

  • How to replace PGI-29 chips [pending]

While our instructions focus on our own refill bundle there are already a large number of resources available on YouTube that have been shared by end-users like Jose Rodriguez who has spent a great deal of time understanding various printer models over the years.

If you’re not already familiar with his resources then we’re definitely recommend a visit to Jose’s (Jtoolman) Youtube channel for more information.

Full Pro-1/PGI-29 Refill Bundle

PGI-29/Canon Pro-1 Refill bundle with inks, refill tools, 1x full set of single use chips, SquEasyV system with syringes, adapters, etc…
Click this link for the full refill bundle for the Pro-1
(additional chips available as sets and individually as separate purchases)

Refill adapter/tip

CanPro1 Refill Adapter

This adapter is a simple, modified tapered tip needle and is very effective at reaching the internal valve on the PGI-29 cartridge/bags and opening it for refilling. The tip also avoids sealing off the outer port so air is allowed in/out of the outer portion of the cartridge as it’s displaced by ink.

SquEasyV System

SquEasyV cap set

Because the refilling process requires a measured approach the refill kit can’t really make use of our standard SquEasyFill system but instead you can benefit from using our unique SquEasyV variant which makes the process of refilling with syringes much simpler by removing the need for any needles to get ink out of your ink supply bottles. You can see how the system works and helps control ink spills in the refill instruction video above.

Pro-1 Inks

Canon Pixma Pro-1 compatible ink set

Our Pro-1 ink set has been established and working very well for customers for years and is now proven investment for Pro-1 printer owners.

PGI-29 Single-Use Chips

As a result the only option is likely to be remain the compatible, single-use chips. Until recently this has been limited to chips with a small bump in the back which requires modification of the OEM cartridge before fitting.

PGI-29 Chip-Resetter / ARC’s ?

Sadly we’ve confirmed that there is no Chip resetter in development or planned for the PGI-29 cartridges so apologies if you’ve arrived here in the hope that something is available.

Similarly there doesn’t appear to be any movement on an ARC (Auto Reset Chip) type either.

As noted above, these are new products for us, and while we already have some experience of the Pro-1 refill process we haven’t shared any resources beyond the adapter. So, you can expect some updated videos and guides to help fill in the gaps. As ever all of our products will ship worldwide and we’re looking forward to supplying those customers who’ve waited very patiently and a very long time.

Updated on 28 September 2023

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