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Epson Chip Resetter: Battery replacement

This guide shows the process for changing the batteries in the T6710/T6711 chip resetter. It will likely apply to numerous other chip resetters compatible with Epson inkjet printers as well.

Replace resetter battery: Remove label

1. Remove the label on the back of the resetter.

Replace resetter battery: Remove screws

2. Remove the two screws (as shown).

Replace resetter battery: Remove back plastic cover

3. Remove the back panel (as shown).

Replace resetter battery: Remove circuit board

4. Remove the circuit board from the plastic case.

Replace resetter battery: Battery locations

5. Locate the batteries (indicated left)

Replace resetter battery: Release metal tab

6. Use pliers or other suitable tool, to gently bend one of the retaining tabs up out of the way.

Replace resetter battery: Push battery out of holder

7. Using a suitable tool, gently push the battery out of the holder towards to the open end created in step 6.

Replace resetter battery: Dispose of battery (properly!) and replace with new battery

8. Insert a new battery of the same type as the original.

Dispose of the battery correctly via an approved battery disposal facility.

DO NOT put batteries in with household or general waste!!

Repeat steps 6-8 for each battery

Replace resetter battery: Return tab to original position

9. Use same tool to return the bent tab back into their original position, securing the battery properly.

Replace resetter battery: Insert circuit board

10. Return circuit board to case.

Make sure the pins are located properly and exit through the holes provided.

Replace resetter battery: Replace back cover

11. Replace the back plastic cover (as shown)

Replace resetter battery: Replace screws

12. Replace the screws.

Replace resetter battery: Replace the label

13. Replace the label if desired and test the unit.

Updated on 11 February 2022

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