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Can Chromebooks or iOS, Android Devices Reset Printers?

This article is intended to explain why some computer systems and/or devices are able to reset printers and why many common devices cannot.

The short version…

Chromebook, iPhone, Android smartphone and similar devices are NOT able to reset or use apps like WICReset/iWIC to reset the waste ink counter on your printer.

But I Can Print With It!

Yes these devices may, with the appropriate apps, allow you to print to your printer but that functionality is heavily locked down and does not provide your device with the necessary functionality to communicate with the printer on the level needed to handle more technical tasks.

There are numerous technical reasons for this but the most basic is that your devices were designed to be used as consumer devices with a greater emphasis on safety for the user. They were not intended to be technical tools capable of complex interaction with devices straight out of a sci-fi hacker movie.

But it’s a Laptop!

Yes, Chromebooks look like laptops and mostly functions like a laptop but remember all that “Safety Built In” advertising. That’s what’s stopping you from using your Chromebook like a normal laptop.

Doesn’t iOS = MacOS / Android = Linux?

No. They are different operating systems with different capabilities. Think: kids bike with stabilisers and pretty reflectors versus a mountain bike with suspension and 21 gears.

Is This Just Because There’s No Compatible Utility?

No. It would not be possible to write an app that could communicate with your printer in a way to allow it to be rese

How Can You Reset Your Printer…

The simplest solution is to ask a friend, family member or colleague if you can use their Windows PC or MacOS computer to complete the reset. You will need their computer to have internet access and be able to install the printer driver to it… and of course be able to take the computer or the printer to each other too.

Once the printer has been reset you can then return the computer and printer to their normal locations and continue to use with your device(s) as before.

We’re aware that this is not great news if you only have one of these devices…

…and it’s likely you’re frustrated.

We complete understand that frustration (it’s why we created the products we have) but if you’re about to leave negative feedback please think about what we can do to improve this article first. Thanks.

Updated on 12 October 2022
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