WICReset Keygen

Short version…

It doesn’t exist.

Longer version…

WICReset keys are generated by the application owners and stored on a server which the WICReset and iWIC tools both verify with the server before completing a reset. The keys are not a complex algorithm that works regardless. The key has to actually exist! Obviously it might be possible that you happen upon one of the generated keys, but the permutations are pretty random so it’s highly unlikely.

What is much more likely is that downloading and running any of these so called keygen (key generator) tools will infect your computer with any number of malware, trojan or spam ware rubbish that you really don’t want on your machine.

By all means, please test the theory and prove us wrong if you can, but tread very carefully whatever you do.

Buying a Key

Keys are available for purchase on OctoInkjet or as part of a waste kit + key bundle

Updated on 7 February 2022

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