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Maintenance Box / Cart Solutions

When Epson released the B300N and B500DN printer models they heralded the point where user replaceable waste pads were finally being designed into the printer and since then, with a greater emphasis on re-usability and less built-in obselesence there have been considerably more printers with this sort of option included.

Now, in 2022, you are likely to find that now incorporates one of these units and as such is no longer covered by a Printer Potty kit simply because the manufacturer has already provided something in your printer design.

To check whether your printer has this option it’s well worth performing a web search using your printer model and “maintenance box” as additional keywords to see if anything appears.

Just as a guideline here’s a few models we know use these units:

  • Workforce Pro (most models)
  • Ecotank ET4700 onwards
  • Ecotank ET14000

A good rule of thumb is any printer released in 2018 that has a significant price tag although L series Ecotank models still don’t seem to offer these.

In the Canon stable you have the Pro-1000 and some newer G series printers, along with other wide format printers although Canon don’t seem to be embracing this too readily.

We have been actively stocking these maintenance box/cart units ourselves with both OEM and compatible units. We’re also working on hybrid Printer Potty models for Maintenance box units where significant waste ink generation makes a bulk collection vessel and chip resetter a viable/desirable option.

As with anything else in the waste ink domain, if you’re unsure or need some help checking, please contact us and we’ll do what we can to help.

Updated on 11 February 2022
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