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WICReset: Instructions, Access, Troubleshooting

Terms & Conditions of Use

Please note that by downloading and using the WICReset app with the related “key” code, you accept and understand the following:

1. This product uses a third party application that is not recommended, endorsed, provided by, nor supported by the Epson or Canon companies.

2. Using this product may void any warranty you may have with your printers manufacturer and/or the retailer who supplied your printer.

3. Your printer may still fail to function properly following a reset.

4. In the rare event that the utility fails to reset the waste ink counter and/or the printers functionality remains impaired, OctoInkjet reserves the right to replace the reset key and/or refund an amount up to the amount paid, for the reset key product, by you the customer.

This guide is intended for customers who have already purchased a WICReset key either as a single item or as part of a Printer Potty kit+key bundle.

Haven’t already purchased a key product/bundle and need to purchase one?
Click here for our reset key product page


The WICReset utility and “key” allow end-users to reset the waste ink counter in their printer to clear errors related to waste ink (eg: “Parts inside your printer have reached the end of their service life”). To do this you need two things:

  1. Your WICReset “key” (an alphanumeric code in UPPER case, usually around 16 characters long)
  2. A WICReset utility/app (See “Downloading” below)

You download and install the utility and then follow the instructions (see below) to reset the waste ink counter. You will be asked for the key as part of the process.If you aren’t sure what each part/item is or how to use it, please read below and visit the links provided. These resources cover the various questions and steps required to successfully reset your waste ink counter.

Where’s the Key?

Assuming you have purchased a key, you should have received either:

  • an email with a subject “Waste Ink Counter Reset Info and Key” and this contains your digital key(s).
  • a printed leaflet titled “Resetting the WIC” which has your key printed on a label inside.

Not received your reset key? Please contact us with your order reference.

Once you’ve got your key, read through the following information to download, run and use the appropriate utility/app for your operating system…


Try the appropriate Mirror #1 link first (This is a redirect that always points to the most recent download)
If Mirror #1 doesn’t work then try the appropriate Mirror #2 link instead.

Using WICReset tools


!! If you read nothing else make sure you read the following !!

  • Clear/cancel ALL pending print jobs from your printer queue, on all connected devices including computers, phones, tablets, etc…
  • Follow resetting procedure (below) and make sure you turn the printer off IMMEDIATELY after the success window pops up
  • Use the printer power button to turn the printer off/on (Do not disconnect from the power socket)
  • Do not:
    • attempt to read/check the waste counter
    • print
    • check your printers ink status
    …until the printer has been powered off, then on again after resetting

Ignoring the above instructions/information will likely result in a failed reset and require the purchase of a new key.

Instructions: How-To Use the WICReset tool(s)

We have provided a video walkthrough and a slideshow guide that shows the process of resetting your waste ink counter using the WICReset (iWIC, etc..).

Please choose the most appropriate instructions for your computer operating system:

We also keep our Printer Potty Manual page up to date with other instruction resources including a slide show for those end-users who prefer static images to video.

Resolving Problems / Troubleshooting

If you hit problems while trying to use the tool there are a number of useful troubleshooting tips available

WICReset/iWIC Troubleshooting

After Resetting

If you have reset your waste ink counter but not replaced the waste pads or installed some kind of waste ink collection system we naturally recommend that you consider the Printer Potty range of kits to allow collection of waste ink in the future.

Ignoring the waste ink building up in your printer is not recommended so please do consider your options and act before you experience a printer failure or waste ink flood.

Updated on 19 April 2024
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