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Refilling the PGI-9 cartridge

Pretty much everything you could need for refilling the PGI-9 cartridges used in the Canon Pixma Pro-9500 (Mk I & II), MX7600 and iX7000 inkjet printers.


Version #2: This is our latest refill guide that shows best practice for refilling (including when/how to reset the chip) using the SquEasyFill refill kit.

Media not computed.

Version #1: This was our original guide which we’ve since updated with the Version #2 (above).
This is still a useful reference if you want to fill in a hurry or prefer the Force-fill method.

Storing the Cartridge

This guide shows how to seal the exit port using an Aluminium tape if you don’t have any spare orange clips and you want to store the cartridge for later use.


How to use the REdSETTER unit to reset the cartridge chip on the PGI-9 and retain/recover ink monitoring.


Identifying if/when flushing a PGI-9 cartridge is necessary (or not) and how to complete the process using distilled water.

This is version #1 and will be re-shot/edited (as much to remove all the ‘Erm’s in it.!) but it’s still a useful reference on how to use the flush clip.

Cartridge weights

A brand new full cartridge will be around 34g and you will find that refilling will take your cartridge to around 32.5g or slightly higher.

Updated on 7 February 2022

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