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Priming Epson Refillable Cartridges

This is more a placeholder at present but this article will shortly contain various resources on methods for filling Epson compatible refillable cartridges for the first time (ie: priming them).

This process is incredibly important as it’s intended to ensure that only ink is presented to the printer ink receiver when the cartridge is installed not air. If a printer ingests air it has a tendancy to create problems similar to traditional clogs and often air bubble associated issues are the true culprits when nozzle output is missing.

Having problems identifying which is the fill plug and which is the vent plug… Click here

Bottom Fill [Epson] Priming

Self-Priming Cartridges

Please note the video below suggests an inaccurate way of identifying vent/fill plugs (for some cartridge designs).
Please use this updated resource for help with plug identification if required.

Old Style Vacuum Priming

While this video isn’t by OctoInkjet it does demonstrate how to prime refillable cartridge (from the R200 – R340) era where a vacuum fill approach was required to ensure the feed path was completely flooded with ink.

Updated on 7 February 2022

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