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International Orders over 2Kg weight

Updated: Feb 27th 2021

Due to some historical limits to the package size/weight that could be shipped internationally, this article describes the wider variety of shipping service options, particularly for consignments that exceed 2kg (4.4lbs) in weight.

DHL Express

This is now our main International carrier for heavy, high cost orders. DHL Express is both fast and generally reliable for a wide variety of destinations.

DPD Classic / Air Services

DPD offers a number of services, particularly the DPD Classic (Road) service into mainland Europe which can deliver heavier orders to customers at lower costs compared to standard postal or premium services.

Spring Global/GDS

This service offers standard “packet” services that handle packages up to 2Kg in weight after which their “parcel” service can carry up to 10Kg. Our shipping system is setup to offer both the Packet rates split across multiple packages and the Parcel rate when orders go over the 2Kg weight limit.

Royal Mail Services

Royal Mail has a hard limit of 2kg maximum for any single package so the cart will automatically split any 2kg+ order into two or more packages and price accordingly. This tends to be slower, overly expensive and not recommended for heavier orders.

FedEx Services

FedEx offers two services that can take up to 10kg in any one package. This service is mostly available for North American customers although it can ship to other International destinations at significant cost.

If in doubt, please contact us and we’ll arrange a quote for the necessary postage.

NB: To get an accurate quote for an order, this article explains how to get the appropriate information using your Cart contents.

Updated on 8 December 2021

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