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Import Duty/Tax – International (Non-EU) Orders

EU Customers

Now that the UK has left the EU there are a number of questions that we need to answer for our EU customers.

It is likely that our EU customers will need to pay import VAT, duty and potentially tariffs. To help clarify we have started writing a new guide that explains what we’re being told to expect and we will keep this updated with real world information as/when we receive it.

The EU specific guide can be found by clicking here.

This article applies to customers interested in purchasing OctoInkjet products but concerned about what (if any) import duty/tax they might need to pay when their order arrives.

If you live outside the EU the issue of import duty/tax is obviously a concern so while we can’t provide automated advice we have found a useful service that allows you to get a realistic idea of what you might need to pay.

To use the service you will need to know some general information about what you are purchasing so please contact us at OctoInkjet if we can help clarify what information you need to provide.

Suggested Field Information

As a general rule the information you will need to select for some fields are as follow:

  • Importing From: United Kingdom
  • Category: Computers & Office
  • Sub-Category: Computer Peripherals
  • Product:
    • Printer Parts – other
    • Ink Toner

…all other information can be generated from your cart content and use of the shipping quote functionality

Please note: As this is a third party service we cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information resulting from its use. The tool is provided as is, and intended to act as a rough guide rather than as a definitive guarantee.

Updated on 8 December 2021
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