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FlushFill/Transport Clip Cartridge Compatibility

Video: How to use transport/orange cartridge clips (see end of page)

Orange Clip (and Flush clip) Compatibility Table

The following chart helps explain the full range of cartridges that each of our FlushFill and Orange/Transport clips are compatible with so you can be sure you have the correct product(s) for your particular cartridge(s).

Clip RefCartridges compatible with the Clip


PGI-520/525PGI-120, PGI-125
PGI-220, PGI-225
PGI-320, PGI-325
PGI-420, PGI-425
PGI-520, PGI-525
PGI-620, PGI-625
PGI-720, PGI-725
PGI-820, PGI-825
PGI-920, PGI-925
CLI-521/526CLI-121, CLI-126
CLI-221, CLI-226
CLI-321, CLI-326
CLI-421, CLI-426
CLI-521, CLI-526
CLI-621, CLI-626
CLI-721, CLI-726
CLI-821, CLI-826
CLI-921, CLI-926
PGI-550/570/580PGI-150, PGI-170
PGI-250, PGI-270
PGI-350, PGI-370
PGI-450, PGI-470
PGI-550, PGI-570
PGI-650, PGI-670
PGI-750, PGI-770
PGI-850, PGI-870
PGI-950, PGI-970
CLI-551/571/581CLI-151, CLI-171, CLI-181
CLI-251, CLI-271, CLI-281
CLI-351, CLI-371, CLI-381
CLI-451, CLI-471, CLI-481
CLI-551, CLI-571, CLI-581
CLI-651, CLI-671, CLI-681
CLI-751, CLI-771, CLI-781
CLI-851, CLI-871, CLI-881
CLI-951, CLI-971, CLI-981

Note: This chart is solely for transport and flush/flushfill clip compatibility.
It does not refer to chip or REdSETTER compatibility which are zone and chip specific.

How To Use Transport/Orange Clips :: Canon Cartridges

We have two videos that show most of the different types of cartridge clips available and how to use them to seal your cartridge outlet port.

The shorter (less detailed version). Covers most but not all clip types

The long, detailed version (most recent)

Updated on 11 February 2022

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