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Does OctoInkjet sell bulk ink?

Yes, we do sell bulk inks for a variety of inkjet printers.

Our inks are sourced primarily from STS-inks in the USA but we are also supplying ink from a number of other manufacturers where a particular product or ink blend is more suitable for one or more printers/cartridges.

  • KMP – Pigment blacks particularly suited for Canon PGI-BK cartridges
  • Inktec – For the K3 series of Epson pigment printers among others.
  • OCP – Providing inks for T26xx/24xx Epson cartridges in printers like the XP-600, XP-950, etc…


All ink bottle labels and product listings indicate the manufacturer and/or country of manufacture for the ink.

OctoInkjet Branded Inks:

Some inks may be produced under the OctoInkjet brand name and not provide specific manufacturer information. In this instance the ink itself will always be a consistent formulation and manufactured by a single entity. Any inks produced under a different formulation would be given a new ink code and noted accordingly to avoid issues such as unintended mixing, etc..

Updated on 5 February 2022

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