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Canon Pro-200, Pro-300 printers [Compatible inks, refill tools and chip resetters]

With the release of two new printer models from Canon…

  • Pro-200 > Replaces the Pixma Pro-100 and Pro-100S
  • Pro-300 > Replaces the Pixma Pro-10 and Pro-10S

…we’ve predictably been receiving numerous queries about when/if we will be supporting these new printers in the future, so this purpose of this article is to provide the current information we have and our expectations/plans for the future.

Current Intel/Information

(Updated: Nov’ 25th 2021)


This is a dye ink printer with 8 colours: BK, C, M, PC, PM, Y, GY, LGY.

We’ve received feedback from our suppliers that the new ink set is substantially different to the Pro-100/CLI-42 inks. So, CLI-42 inks could be used with custom profiling in the Pro-200 but the older inks aren’t going to perform to the same level as the OEM CLI-65 at this stage. We are still waiting for an update on when a compatible ink set will be available to match the CLI-65.

Cartridge Ref: CLI-65

Resetter? There is NO compatible chip resetter for the CLI-65 cartridge chips.The physical cartridge shape and moulding is almost identical to the CLI-8 and CLI-42 cartridges, except for a couple of key changes:

  • Cartridges are now opaque
  • The prism system used as a backup ink detection system is no longer evident
  • The chip is obviously different but follows the same circuit board design as older printer models (not the thin plastic chip first introducted with CLI/PGI-X50/1 series cartridges)

This means that there’s some scope for CLI-8 and 42 cartridges to be physically compatible once a donor chip has been transfered across although we have yet to check if the chip has been physically bonded to the CLI-65 cartridges in some way that might make it difficult to swap. It also means that existing tools and refill techniques (flush clips, storage clips, plugs, etc..) should all work with the CLI-65.

Due to the lack of directly comparable inks we do not have a refill bundle available for the Pro-200 yet.


This is a pigment ink printer with 10 colours with the same the colour designations as the earlier Pro-10/10S.
PBK, MBK, GY, Y, C, M, PC, PM, R, CO

New cartridge reference: PFI-300 (Note: PFI, not PGI).

The physical cartridge shape and design is identical to the earlier PGI-72 but there are some differences:

  • The prism that used to indicate ink low, etc… has now gone.
  • The cartridges remain semi-clear (with privacy style plastic texture) on one side
  • The chip has much the same circuit board type design as the earlier 9/72 chips but obviously different coding/encryption.

Resetter: There is NO compatible chip resetter for the PFI-300 cartridge chips

Our suppliers have come up with a specific ink set for the Pro-300 / PFI-300 which is now available for sale.

While there is no chip resetter we have put together a refill kit with compatible inks and the normal refill tools. The refill approach does require disabling of ink monitoring and much more careful manual monitoring of the ink levels (using weighing scales) but it does work and we would definitely recommend the purchase of a second set of cartridges to allow full set swapping when cartridges are suspected of being close to empty.

Refill/Compatible options

Right now the lack of chip resetters and (for the Pro-200) compatible inks, most end users will want to use OEM/Original supplies. You could refill but only by accepting the “ink monitoring disabled” option that Canon printers offer when refilling has been detected. This should work BUT loss of ink monitoring means that you will need to be MUCH more aware of your ink usage and prepared to remove and check cartridges for ink levels manually using jewellry scales (or similar) to determine how much ink remains.

Chip Resetting is not currently available and there’s no current informaiton on how feasible this will be given the effort put into other Canon chips with each generation.

Because the cartridge moulding is effectively the same as earlier CLI-8/42 models for the Pro-200 and PGI-9/72 for th Pro-300 it’s clear that tools such as flush clips will work as before on the older cartridge versions.

Chip swapping/Use of Older Cartridges is currently unknown but looks feasible, again given the lack of physical changes to the cartridge designs.

Special Consideration – Pro-200

It is highly likely that the CLI-65Y cartridge will be using the same or a similar ink to the CLI-42Y and as such the “Yellow Jello” issue evident in the Pro-100/100S (and other desktop models 551Y onwards) is still very much a risk with the newer printer.

As such refilling the OEM CLI-65Y without completely flushing the cartridge before use is NOT recommended. Depending on feasibility of using a donor CLI-8Y cartridge with a chip swapped CLI-65Y chip, the current workaround may be the best option but we will be including CLI-65 cartridges in our recycling efforts and will look to wash the OEM cartridges for refill use later on as supply of these cartridges (as empties) starts to pick up.

Should you buy?

Obviously we can’t determine what the usage scenario is for every user because everyone is different but we can make a few suggestions if you are considering whether to purchase these printers with some of the more common usage plans that we come across.

But short version is that if you want to be able to refill your cartridges and minimise your consumables expenditure then we would recommend purchasing the earlier Pro-100S or Pro-10S (depending on your requirements) and using existing refill tools/techniques.

Buying earlier/older models does still have downsides, so just to cover them briefly:

  • Printhead supplies will eventually run out over the next few years (as they have with the earlier Pro-9000 and Pro-9500 models).
  • Driver support in some operating systems (particularly MacOS) will likely dry up over time as often happens with newer OS releases.
  • The older models are much heavier and take up more space than the newer models.

In Summary

Both of these printers are still new and the future of alternative ink, refilling, chip resetting options is still unknown. We will update this document as/when we become aware of, or develop new information but expect changes to take months to years rather than weeks, We hope this guide has been useful and please do feedback if you have direct experience of using the printers even if it’s just general usage tips or comments you think might be useful.

Recycling/Re-use – CLI-62, PFI-300 (and clips)

OctoInkjet are actively collecting the PFI-300 and CLI-65 cartridges as well as the orange clips for the PFI-300 (and PGI-9/72 type) so if you are using these cartridges and can collect them for re-use please contact us and we’ll let you know how best to get them to us.

Updated on 8 December 2021

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