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Bulk Ink: Item Not Stocked?

The Printer: QuickFind tool provides ink information for as many printers as possible but it doesn’t mean that we stock all the inks listed which is why you have been redirected here.

Why Is There No Stock Of [Your] Printer Ink?

OctoInkjet is still a small firm with limited workshop and storage space. Equally importantly ink has a finite shelf life and can be incredibly expensive so we tend to store and sell core ink sets that we know have sufficient demand. We do consider customer requests and may look at sourcing and stocking other inks based demand (see below).

Full Ink Set but Not Individual Inks?

This is now the exception. Almost all of our inks are available as individual inks and full sets.

Want OctoInkjet To Stock [Your] Ink?

Please contact us to let us know which printer and/or inks you were looking for and what sort of usage you were intending to use it for.

We appreciate this page will result in some frustration but if you still want to find ink for a certain printer then please contact us and if we can we’ll try to identify alternative sources and redirect you accordingly.

Updated on 6 February 2022

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