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Last Updated:  Dec 16th 2021

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We will try to keep this section more up to date moving forward but Murphys Law prevails so please bear with us.

Canon Related Products

CLI-42 / Pro-100/100S Related:
CLI-42 Re-manufactured Cartridges In Stock
CLI-42 Re-manufactured Cartridges & Modified for Refilling CLI-42PM mod' pending stock check (16/12/21)
CLI-42/8 Flush Clips In Stock
CLI-42 Refill bundle In Stock
CLI-42 Inks (Ver 1 & 2) In Stock

*Flush Clips: Stock manufacture and parts are now plentiful. Only manufacturing delays reduce availability.

PGI-9 / Pro-9500 Related:
PGI-9 Re-manufactured Cartridges In Stock
PGI-9/72 Flush Clips* In Stock
PGI-9 Refill bundle In Stock
PGI-9 Inks (Ver 1 & 2) In Stock

*Flush Clips: Supply remains limited to a degree due to the lack of original clips available to modify.

PGI-72 / Pro-10/10S Related:
PGI-72 Re-manufactured Cartridges In Stock
PGI-9/72 Flush Clips* In Stock
PGI-72 Refill bundle* In Stock
PGI-72 Inks In Stock

*Flush Clips: Supply remains limited to a degree due to the lack of original clips available to modify.

PFI-300 / Pro-300 Related:
PFI-300 Re-manufactured Cartridges Pending testing
PGI-9/72/PFI-300 Flush Clips* In Stock
PFI-300 Refill bundle* In Stock
PFI-300 Inks In Stock

*Flush Clips: Supply remains limited to a degree due to the lack of original clips available to modify.

PGI-550/551 Related:
550/551 Re-manufactured Cartridges (hybrid CLI-42v2 type) In Stock
550/551 Re-manufactured Cartridges (Standard type) In Stock
550/551 Refill bundle (with OEM carts) In Stock
550/551 Inks In Stock
550/551 Refillable cartridges (ARC, clear type) In Stock

PGI-570/571 Related:
570/571 Re-manufactured Cartridges In Stock
570/571 Refill bundle (with OEM carts) In Stock
570/571 Inks In Stock
570/571 Refillable cartridges (ARC, clear type) Pending

PGI-580/581 Related:
580/581 Re-manufactured Cartridges Testing Required (Unscheduled)
580/581 Refill bundle (with OEM carts) (See above)
580/581 Inks In Stock
580/581 Refillable cartridges (ARC, clear type) N/A
580/581 Cleaned OEM Cartridges Pending (some colours remaining)

PGI-29 / Pro-1 Related:
PGI-29 Re-manufactured Cartridges Pending equipment setup (November)
PGI-29 Inks In Stock
PGI-29 Chips (Single Use) In Stock
PGI-29 Refill bundle In Stock

PFI-1000 / Pro-1000 Related:
PFI-1000 Ink In Stock
PFI-1000 Chips (Single Use/ARC) On order
PFI-1000 Refill bundle Refill Documentation Required (Jan 2022)

Other/Legacy Canon Related Products:
CLI-8 / 521 /526 inks In Stock
KMP Universal inks In Stock
Battery REdSETTERs Depleting Stock (Replacing with USB)
Cleaning Solution In Stock
Empty Cartridges Stock Review Required
Flush Clips (PGI-9/72, CLI-8/42/52x/22x) In Stock
Flush Clips (PGI-550/250/570/571, etc..) In Stock

Epson Related Products

Epson Maintenance Boxes
Compatible (Non OEM) OEM/ Original
T6711 In Stock N/A
T04D0 In Stock In Stock
T04D1 In Stock In Stock
T3661 In Stock In Stock
C9344 In Stock N/A
C9345 In Stock N/A
Maintenance box chip resetters In Stock N/A
MC-G02 (Canon Megatank) In Stock N/A

Porous Pads for Epson
OEM/ Original
1587439 N/A Discontinued
1528673 / 1538790 Pending Development In Stock (Limited supply)
1611102 / 1610132 / 1612118 (XP2 Printer Pads) In Stock In Stock
1627961 (LX Printer Pads)
In Stock In Stock
1607470 (XP4 Printer Pads) In Stock In Stock
1693709 Pending Development In Stock
Other... Pending Development In Stock
Update to this section pending (W/C: Mar 15th)

Refillable Cartridges for Epson
T1281-4 In Stock
T1301-4 In Stock
T16 In Stock
T18 In Stock
T26 Pending Documentation
T27 In Stock
33XL Pending Documentation
378XL/478XL Pending Documentation
Other... Stock Check & Update Required

Inks for Epson
OCP Ecotank inks In Stock
OCP general inks In Stock
K3 inks In Stock
Claria Inks In Stock
Claria Photo HD Inks In Stock
Cleaning Solution In Stock

Refillable Cartridges/Refill Bundles
Compatible (Non OEM) OEM/ Original

Paul Roark materials
1182 Carbon Black Most volumes Avail
1122 Eboni Black (Photo) Most volumes Avail
807 Base Most volumes Avail
824 GLOP Most volumes Avail
Cyan Lucia Ex Additional stock pending
Blue Lucia Ex Additional stock pending


Note: You may find that the product page you have visited is a "cached" or old version... Returning to the product page and using CTRL + F5 (or COMMAND + F5 for Apple Mac) to hard refresh the page may provide a fresh version that allows you to purchase the product.

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