Printing for iOS, iPad, iPhone, etc…

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I have this iPhone/iPad/iOS device and I can’t print… 

I’m getting asked about this a LOT lately and it appears the bulk of advice being provided by retail stores is:

Buy a new AirPlay compatible printer (This is NOT my advice!)

… I’ll let you into a secret. Retail stores want you to buy new stuff, so they can get sales commissions, profits, etc… and also sell you new cartridges so presumably you’ve landed up here because you want to know if you can keep your printer working. Heck you might even LIKE your printer (The horror!).

Luckily there are other options but the easiest is probably going to be this little gizmo:


It’s not the cheapest item on the planet but if you have a few reliable printers, especially with CIS systems, waste kits, etc… then it’s really going to be the cheapest option plus as everyone else offloads their old printers for pocket change, you might actually get a few second hand printers to use with it too…

*If you don’t know who Penelope Pitstop is, you:
a) haven’t lived
b) would probably consider me old, ancient or “so last century dude” if I told you when it was on TV


Updated on 7 February 2022

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