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Can I resell your products

After a great deal of thought I’ve decided only to limit resale opportunities of OctoInkjet waste kits and/or SquEasyFill kits to:

  • Businesses that only sell face to face, to customers through a bricks and mortar shop, or at computer fairs.
  • Computer/Printer technicians who service end-users printers directly and wish to provide kits as a solution.
  • Individuals/Businesses who have a proven track record.

Please note I will not consider the following:

  • White labelling of OctoInkjet or SquEasyFill brand items (eg: Waste kits, refill kits)
  • Competitors or potential competitors, especially within the UK
  • Online stores in any form.

The understanding is that any reseller is going to be adding their own value to OctoInkjet products in terms of fitting kits, providing local face-to-face support and technical help for things like resetting printer waste counters. Primarily any profit would be generated from your own margin on the product although regular business would ultimately lead to some discounting on price and shipping costs.

Updated on 8 December 2021

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