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OctoInkjet is based in the UK and our site supports and accepts multiple currencies.

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Paying Using Other Currencies (non-GBP)

We are currently simplifying our payment options to take advantages of maturing services that improve reliability and are cost effective. This has meant that currencies with very low demand/use are no longer directly supported for all payment types (see details below).

OctoInkjet is located and trades from the United Kingdom but we do our best to support International customers by making it as easy as possible for you to be able to view products and pay for orders in the more common currencies.

The following options are available to simplify your browsing experience and minimise fees when you purchase from OctoInkjet.

Currencies/Payment Accepted for International Orders

We able to accept payments in the following currencies as follows:

Euros Euros (€) Credit/Debit & Cards [Stripe]
Bank Transfer
US Dollar US Dollars ($) Credit/Debit & Cards [Stripe]
Bank Transfer
Pounds Sterling UK Pounds Sterling (GBP£)

Credit/Debit & Cards [Stripe]
Paypal Express
Bank Transfer

Updated: July 2017
As Paypal supports payment via Debit/Credit without requiring a Paypal account we're now supporting AUD$ and CAD$ through that payment option alone.

Australian Dollar Australian Dollars (AUD$)

Credit/Debit Card [SagePay] - Retirement pending (August 2017)
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollars (CAD$) Paypal
Credit/Debit Card [SagePay] - Retirement pending (August 2017)

Selecting Payment Currency

Select currency

You can select the currency you wish to pay in by locating and clicking on the most appropriate flag in the top-right area of your store (see image, left).

Making a non-GBP payment

The process of paying for an order in one of the accepted currencies (see table above) is as follows:

  1. Visit your cart
  2. Check the currency viewed and adjust as required
  3. Select and add your order items to the cart as normal
  4. During checkout, select the appropriate payment option:
    1. "Credit/Debit Card (£, Euro, US$)"
    2. "PayPal (£/€/$)"
    3. "Bank/Wire transfer (£, Euro, US$)" - See below
  5. Complete payment information as normal

Online/Immediate Payment Options

Credit/Debit Card

Paying in your own currency (if available) will help reduce the charges normally associated with foreign currency transactions.

Note: Some banks and card issuers will apply fees/charges for "Cross-border" / "International" transactions so please check with your bank/card-issuer before placing an order if you have any qustions about what charges may be applied.


We are able to accept all our displayed currencies as payments using Paypal via the standard checkout process (not Paypal Express).

Paypal Express

This service does not provide the functionality required for non-GBP transactions so this option is only available for payment in UK Pounds (GBP)

Offline/Other Payment Options

All other payment options or currencies must be paid in Pounds Sterling (GBP) because of the problems associated with tracking currency exchange rates and other administrative bookkeeping.

To be clear these payment methods all require payment to be made in Pounds Sterling (GBP)

Note: Because of the way International payment clearing works, some International transactions will be accepted but flagged for manual verification. This means that the payment is held until the payment details can be checked, sometimes requiring direct contact with the customer to verify identity.

Whilst this can be an inconvenience, the issue of fraud is one that affects both customers and businesses so these measures are designed to protect both parties as much as humanly possible. Your patience, in instances like this, is appreciated.

International Bank Transfers

Payment in USD can be made by ACH or Swift tranfers. Where possible we recommend the ACH option for US based customers.

ACH Transfers (USD) - for domestic US customers:

Currency: USD (US Dollars)
ACH Routing Number: 026073150
Account Number: 8310006458

IBAN or Swift/Wire Transfers:

Currency: GBP (Pounds Sterling) EUR (Euro) USD (US Dollars)
IBAN / Bank Account: GB07MIDL40424901811517 DE88700111106050007500 GB53MIDL400515769521494

When considering payment by bank transfer, it is important to note the following requirements:

  1. All transfer/bank charges are paid by you, the customer
  2. Payment must be made in the currency selected for the order and paid to the correct currency account (See above).
  3. Allow up to 14 days for payment to clear
  4. No orders will be released until payment has been confirmed as received and cleared in full

If the above requirements have been ignored, orders may be rejected or held until such time as full payment has been received.

In instances where a refund is necessary, the refund amount will reflect any deductions for bank charges incurred as a result of the payment, and/or refund.

Please Note:
This option is provided as a courtesy to customers who have difficulty accessing and/or using other payment methods, but is not always the most time efficient or cost effective way of purchasing from OctoInkjet.
If you are able to use a debit/credit card, paypal or one of the other online/immediate payment options this may be preferable.


Transferwise is a service we have used for the last few years and  we would highly recommend it to customers as an alternative to wire/bank transfers. The services allows international payments with considerable reductions in the bank charges normally required. More details are available on the Transferwise website.

There are restrictions regarding who can use this service so please check the Transferwise website for more details.
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