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Copyright Notice

The resources on this site are copyright of OctoInkjet Limited. These works are not for redistribution or re-use by third parties without express, written permission

"Cookie" Usage on OctoInkjet

This article is intended to deal with the somewhat sensitive issue of cookies and what they actually mean in terms of privacy, your data and, more importantly your ability to access, use and purchase from the OctoInkjet site.

First of all, if you are unfamiliar with what a "cookie" is then this definition should help explain it all to you.


Short version..

If you wish to place an order via the OctoInkjet store, you will need to allow cookies under the octoink.co.uk domain.

This is a technical limitation due to the way the store software works.

Non-Essential Cookies:

is an internal OctoInkjet hosted analytics system. The information collected is used solely by OctoInkjet and Native Brand (our marketing specialists) to allow us to see how customers navigate through the site, which products are popular, where problems lie (Page not found, etc). In short they allow us to improve the site and our service overall.

If at all possible, we ask that you retain and allow cookies from this domain to help us to help you and other customers/visitors.

Third Party Services

Additional Cookies may be applied by:

  • Zopim (live chat service)
  • eKomi (Feedback service)
  • Zendesk (Helpdesk service)

All of these third party services help us .

  • To provide an online store allowing purchase of printer related products
  • To provide access to documentation, utilities and other resources to support those products
  • To provide support as efficently as possible
    ie: help :
    • identify problems
    • identify sought after items/documents/etc...(so I can provide them)
    • communicate with customers/users


Cookie Removal/Deletion

If you wish to delete or deny cookies on this site the please refer to the documentation for your particular web browser on how to do this.

Retired Cookies/Services

The following services/cookies have been removed following a review of the providers practice, policy, benefit and/or cost:

  • Woopra
  • Google-analytics
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