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OctoInkjet provides all your need to resolve one of the main problems suffered by Inkjet printer owners, specifically the issue of "Service Required". With one of our Waste Ink Kits and excellent support you will find it easy to get your Inkjet printer back up and running, saving money and avoiding adding to the electronic waste clogging landfill sites.

We also developed the SquEasyFill refilling system to make the process of refilling cartridges and CIS systems easier and of course inks and other related tools to help make the most of your Inkjet printer.

Introduction to Waste Ink problems and the "Service Required" error Inks, Refilling Tools, Continuous Ink Supply systems (CISs) Documents, KnowledgeBase Articles and FAQs

Waste Kits

Looking for ways to fix your printer and get it working again?

This step by step guide provides you with all the information and resources you need to resolve "service required" issues.


Inks, Refilling, CISs

Looking to refill cartridges, want a CIS or simply quality bulk ink?

Here are some useful starting points:

Docs, KB Articles, FAQs

Looking for more information on OctoInkjet products?

These links should help: