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Category Icon Waste Ink Kits (19)
Specific information on the waste ink kits, tanks, etc..
Category Icon Waste Ink Counter Reset tools (23)
Adjustment Utilities, WICReset, SSC tools use to reset the waste ink counter on inkjet printers
Category Icon Bulk Ink (18)
Bulk inks for Inkjet printers
Category Icon Refill Tools (13)
Specific information on OctoInkjet tools, kits, etc... used for refilling
Category Icon Refillable Cartridges (7)
Techniques for priming, refilling and troubleshooting refillable cartridges
Category Icon Auto Reset Chips (ARC) (1)
Information on the use of Auto Reset Chips
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Information on the products sold on OctoInkjet
There were 15 articles found in this category:
  1. questionOut of Stock : ETA for New Supply
    This page will be updated with any ETA information on "Out of Stock" items This information is not intended to be 100% comprehensive so if you are looking for information on a specific product that is not included please use the Contact information to ask for more details. Last Updated: 20th ...

  2. questionCanon Pro-200, Pro-300 printers [Compatible inks, refill tools and chip resetters]
    With the release of two new printer models from Canon... Pro-200 > Replaces the Pixma Pro-100 and Pro-100S Pro-300 > Replaces the Pixma Pro-10 and Pro-10S ...we've predictably been receiving numerous queries about when/if we will be supporting these new printers in the future, so this p ...

  3. questionBlunt Needles - Bulk orders?
    Over the past year we've seen a considerable increase in orders and queries for blunt needles and other dispensing products. To help keep things focused we decided to invest in a specialist site for those products. The new site is available at https://www.needlEZ.co.uk/ and allows us to keep t ...

  4. questionEpson Ecotank Printers
    This is very much a work in progress as we've spent since October 2015 buying in various Ecotank printer models, examining how they're put together and working out what makes them tick. While sparse at present this FAQ section will pull together all the different resources available to answer c ...

  5. questionSyringes: Luer Lock vs' Luer Slip
    We get asked this quite a bit so here's a quick illustrated explanation of what the difference is between Luer Lock vs' Luer Slip (and a few other Luer related terms). What is a "Luer"? The Luer taper is a standardized system of small-scale fluid fittings used for making leak-free connections b ...

  6. questionDo you sell compatible ink for printers?
    Yes. OctoInkjet sources inks from a variety of known suppliers including STS-inks (merged with Image Specialists), Inktec, Prodinks, OCP and KMP. You can check if your printer ink is available by using the QuickFind Tool. Please note, we regularly receive requests from customers seeking a spec ...

  7. questionDo you sell bulk ink?
    Yes, we do sell bulk inks for a variety of inkjet printers. Our inks are sourced primarily from Image Specialists in the USA but we are also supplying ink from a number of other manufacturers where a particular product or ink blend is more suitable for one or more printers/cartridges. KMP - Pi ...

  8. questionTroubleshoot: CLI-42 - REdSETTER
    The CLI-42 Chip REdSETTER is able to reset cartridge chips on original/OEM (Canon) cartridge chips such that ink monitoring does not need to be disabled. Additionally the functionality of the fail-safe prism is retained for all cartridges such that the printer will stop if it detects the prism ...

  9. questionDo you sell Epson (CIS) Continuous Ink Supply kits?
    Yes... We are currently stocking and developing the range of CIS systems although we are doing so slowly, usually in response to customer requests, to avoid becoming a jack-of-all-trades. If you have any particularly requirements, not already covered, please contact us for more information

  10. questionSquEasyFill Tips
    Instructions for using the SquEasyFill kit are provided below as PDF's. The techniques covered are the: (Canon) Top-Fill/Traditional technique Where ink is injected into the original feed hole in the cartridge. This technique is recommended for those with newer Canon printers with opaque cartri ...

  11. questionCanon Chip Resetter Compatibility
    This question gets asked a lot so hopefully this FAQ will help provide a useful reference. Most chip resetters will only guarantee to reset the Canon original chips of the type that they are designed for.. ie: a CLI-526/PGI-525 resetter will definitely reset any of the following Original/OEM ca ...

  12. questionWhat happened to your HP CIS kits?
    For a number of reasons I've decided to pull my CIS kits until I can resolve a number of issues. Obviously, to avoid confusion I've also removed related articles from public view.

  13. questionCan I resell your waste ink kits on eBay?
    As I already sell a number of my products (primarily waste ink kits) on eBay the answer has to be No.

  14. questionWhich waste ink kit should I buy?
    The OctoInkjet site has a number of tools and information resources that can help you decide which kits are compatible and/or which will fit your printing style/needs best. QuickFind tool - Additional information is provided in the earlier sections if required Compatiblity tool - This page asks ...

  15. questionAre custom kits/requirements available?
    Custom waste ink kits are already available in the store although special requests are considered as below. If you have other custom requirements for anything else (that would fit within the remit of the spare parts, tools, etc) then please contact me with details of your requirements and I will ...