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Newsletter changes & product updates [17/03/22]

Posted on 16th Mar 2022 @ 2:52:37 PM

Newsletter: Changing Service Provider

Our website has offered a newletter mailing list subscription with Mailchimp since we first started but after a years without using it we found that the Mailchimp pricing and ease of use needed to be dropped. 

So, we've moved to a new mailing list system called MailerLite which we've been offering to customers since early March. As part of that we've also sent out an update explaining the change to our old mailing list so that customers can re-subscribe (or not) as they see fit.

Given that we haven't been using the mailing list to keep customers up to date we'll be working on more content for that looking towards a monthly or adhoc basis when new products or important changes have been made.

If you're reading this and wanted to subscribe there's a subscription form on most store pages (to the left side) or you can find our KB article by clicking here.


Product Updates:

Following on from the introduction of our XP2 and XP4 Printer Pad kits we've been expanding the supporting documentation and product options for other Printer Pad and Printer Potty kits.

MBD1 Printer Pad set added

  • MBD1 pad set and key bundle for more ecotank printers including the ET-2750 and L4100 series Ecotank printers
  • MBD1 pad set (no key) for printers that use the T04D1 maintenance box. (Chip resetter needed to reset chips)
  • Pad + replacement chip sets will be available shortly

We also corrected a couple of names for compatible products, specifically the Pro-300 and Pro-1000 which were incorrectly titled as Pixma products instead of the correct, ImagePROGRAF type.


More Instructions & Resources

Our Youtube channel has a number of new instruction videos covering fitting, resetting waste counter and more. This is an area we'll be focusing a lot on over the next few months and it will enable us to launch some of our newer products properly such as the Pro-300 refill bundle and those of Epson XP printers like the XP-15000 and XP-8600.

Most of our current work is based around improving these resources so constructive feedback is welcome.