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[Resolved] Checkout error

Posted on 14th Jul 2021 @ 2:42:11 PM

This has been tested and has now been resolved.


On 10th July we applied a number of small updates that were meant to fix a few issues relating to bundles products. Unfortunately we managed to introduce a new bug that broke the store system for some customers, particularly those in the EU, which blocked them from being able to purchase WICReset keys until today (July 14th).

To resolve the issue and also get the store ready, for the new EU IOSS system, we have upgraded the store code earlier than planned and this "should" fix the other issues introduced on the 10th.

Customers in the EU are still currently unable to order physical goods (at time of writing) as we're still waiting for our IOSS registration/reference but once that arrives, normal International services will resume.


In the interim, if you do find a bug and/or hit problems trying to order, please can you contact us with the date, time (timezone too please) and a copy of the error you received so we can track down any lingering issues and resolve them.

Apologies for any inconvenience and frustration caused... and thanks for your patience.