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All orders are now being processed as normal (inc' EU)
However, Covid & Brexit continue to affect delivery speed.
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Order/Stock/Support Status [Updated: 7th Oct' 2021]

Posted on 28th Jan 2021 @ 10:30:07 PM

Overall status:

  • After a few weeks isolating with Covid Martin and family are now mostly recovered and working as normal.
  • All Orders are being processed within 48 hours, with minimal exceptions.
  • Covid-19 continues to affect all deliveries, particularly those reliant on airlines for transport of mail/packets like Australia, Canada, etc... 


European (EU/EEA Orders)  (Not including the UK)

  • Most issues relating to Brexit and July/IOSS tax changes have been resolved.
  • Please read our detailed information on EU/EEA orders available here
  • We are incurring surcharges with most services but hope these will be reduced and eventually removed over time.
  • Please note that there some delays are still occuring so please allow extra time for your order to arrive.

International (Non-EU Orders)

  • Covid continues to cause delays and processing issues for International orders with some countries locking down again which reduces the airline capacity available to ship international items.
  • Asendia has been suspended due to high surcharges currently applied and limited demand.

UK Orders

  • UK courier/postal services now appear to be working normally.
  • Some localised delays are reported occassionally but are much rarer now.
  • DPD has been retired due to cost and minimal volume.

Final Comments.

  • We are now managing to ship orders almost every day with some rare exceptions.
  • Most of our manufacturing processes are now back online and we are working hard to build stock levels on all our products.
  • Covid-19 continues to influece delivery speeds for International orders in particular.



Earlier Updates:


September 2021

  • Covid infection resulted in Martin being offline and unavailable between 21st - 27th.
  • Order dispatch delayed between Thursday 23rd and Tuesday 28th Sept following pre-planned staff absence. We could not reorganise this unfortunately, so apologies for delays in the interim.


August 2021

  • Due to staff holidays we will be closing for a few days on 26th & 27th August so orders will not ship on those two days.
  • Support and pre-sales queries will likely be delayed between 13th and 27th August while Martin takes his family camping and catches up with family after a long year without contact.


Pre-May 2021


Overall status:

  • We are processing and shipping orders most days but please allow 48 hours for dispatch (see Royal Mail exception below).
  • Royal Mail: Please expect delays for these services. We are dispatching these Mondays and Thursdays at bare minimum.
  • International orders are now being accepted for almost all international destinations.
  • Covid-19 continues to affect all deliveries, particularly those reliant on airlines for transport of mail/packets like Australia, Canada, etc... 
  • Our children are now back in school which means we are now able to focus on manufacturing, processing orders and support (BUT This will change if we are required to isolate with our children).


International (Non-EU Orders)


  • Shipping services have been enabled for all non-EU/EEA countries and customers and seem to be progressing "normally".
  • Covid-19 continues to affect shipments, customs clearance and ultimately slows the delivery process considerably.
  • Spring (Global) now offers a number of priority and economy services.
  • DPD Classic (Road) is now operating with clearer guidelines on accepted product types per country/service.


International (EU/EEA Orders) 


  • Business customers in the EU/EEA, MUST provide their valid EORI number with their order or the order will be cancelled and refunded.
  • Valid email and phone (preferably mobile/cell) are required to ensure that customs charges can be communicated for payment.
  • The following shipping services are enabled for EU/EEA customers as follow:
    • Spring (Global) is now available as a shipping service option. (A bug affecting customers in Ireland has been fixed)
    • DHL Express for anything of higher value or where speed is required. (Import VAT and Duty will need to be paid before receipt).
    • DPD is available although some countries/products now prohibit orders including syringes, needles and some other items.
  • We are using Spring (Global) instead of Royal Mail for speed and because processing into the EU/EEA is markedly faster.


UK Orders


  • DHL Parcel and DPD (UK) are now back to a relative "normal".
  • Hermes has been paused while we review results of recent tests.
  • Royal Mail continues to provide inconsistent results with some very quick deliveries compared to other delayed orders.


Final Comments.


  • Order dispatch has largely improved, particularly since our children have returned to school with most orders being dispatched within 1 working day but we ask that you continue to allow 2-3 working days just in case.
  • The backlog of manufacturing and ink bottling is now being tackled with many "out of stock" items being made available in the last week. More work is still needed.
  • Covid-19 is still very much a factor that continues to cause numerous "normal" problems for 2020-21.
  • The Easter holiday is a time for spending time with family so support may take a little longer over bank holiday weekend.
  • We are currently undertaking significant work to bring our accounting systems up to date with the coming changes with EU cross border sales (iMOSS) and switching accounts systems.



Overall: 24th Mar 2021

Covid remains a problem but thankfully:

  • The Brexit process has been largely resolved but some issues remain, particularly with regards to the fees and charges being applied for higher value orders. 
  • Backlog of manufacturing and ink bottling is now being tackled with many "out of stock" items being made available in the last week. More work is still needed.


Overall: 8th Feb 2021

Some hard lessons have been learned following Brexit, many of them completely unanticipated and while we accept some mistakes, we weren't alone in hitting a brick wall after January 1st. A month later, we have finally started to identify most of the issues and are in the process of resolving each although in some cases the 

Regrettably many of the couriers and shipping services we use have experienced massive issues and while some have risen to the challenge and communicated effectively as to issues, resolutions and timescale... Others have not. DPD in particular has been a sustantial source of frustration and silence while returning substantial numbers of orders with zero opportunity to understand, learn from and improve. Nearly a month on we are only now receving the information we needed to adjust effectively and solve the problems but we are finally getting what we needed.

Overall : 1st Feb 2021

Frankly, Brexit has strained our resources, patience and creativity to breaking point and this coupled with effects of Covid-19 and our continued family responsibilities has required everyone to dig deep. I honestly can't thank everyone on the team enough for all their hard work in incredibly difficult circumstances.

We do have a manufacturing backlog and some jobs are taking much longer than expected. We're currently expecting some key tasks to take until the school half term (mid-February to catch up) so if you're waiting for something, please bear with us.

As ever, thanks for your patience, your continued support and kindness.