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Ongoing challenges brought about by Covid-19 continue to affect orders, shipping times and our services in general.
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Order/Stock/Support Status [Last Updated: 1st Dec' 2020]

Posted on 4th Nov 2020 @ 10:00:07 PM

Due to a resurgence in Covid-19 infections and a number of confirmed cases directly linked to our families, the pandemic is affecting our ability to conduct "business as usual". We are still fulfilling orders and answering calls/emails but some key aspects remain unchanged, so unless specifically stated otherwise, in the most recent status/guidance below, the following applies to orders, support and our overall status.

  • We are working to ensure that orders are being shipped Mondays and Thursdays.
  • We cannot guarantee that orders will ship on any other days and it's possible circumstances may change in a way that make the above Mon/Thur' schedule impossible to achieve.
    Wherever possible we will give advance notice if the situation changes.
  • We continue to recommend DHL Express or Fedex for higher value International orders, particularly for Europe (Normal Postal services are struggling)
  • Customer Collections are suspended until further notice.

Regardless of the above, our contingency planning and hard work continues to pay off, so we are still very much servicing clients, replenishing stock and working our socks off to meet demand. Thank-you for your continued patience, support and kind words.


Update: Dec' 1st 2020 @ 12:15 GMT

  • As Above
  • We are rapidly approaching a point where International orders will only be shipped via DHL Express, DPD Classic or Fedex due to delays already evident in the postal system and the impending Brexit restrictions. 
    We STRONGLY recommend International customers place their orders as soon as possible to avoid delays or additional problems.
  • Ink supplies are being rebuilt and almost every item is now either on backorder or being restocked as quickly as we can make them available.
  • CLI-551, PGI-550 standard ink cartridges and bundles will be available shortly now that the remanufactured cartridges have been completed
  • Other cartridges and inks are being rebottled as quickly as possible along with manufacturing of flush clips, etc...  



Earlier Status Updates 

Update: Nov' 26th 2020 @ 22:25 GMT

  • As Above
  • Orders are going out on other days where possible but only when time allows
  • Support emails are getting replies while I'm answering the phone whenever possible. Apologies for Voicemail has been neglected due to sheer volume of calls.
  • Royal Mail is still problematic but mostly with Large Letter deliveries. Expect delays for any RM shipped orders.

  • We're making a big manufacturing push on refilling cartridges, including the CLI-551 standard ink set so refill bundles for the 550/551 type printers will soon be fully stocked
  • CLI-42 modified cartridges are in high demand so we're trying to get the necessary cartridge stock cleaned and refilled in bulk rather than continue to do piecemeal batches. It's going to take longer but it will be a more substantial and sustainable stock level once finished.
  • Just to clarify, despite a couple of rumours to the contrary, we do not have Covid-19 but we are currently in a National Lockdown and still have parent responsibilities so it is having an effect regardless.


Update: Nov' 18th 2020 @ 21:45 GMT

  • As Above
  • DPD Local, DHL Parcel & DHL Express/International are all successfully delivering, mostly on time.
  • Royal Mail are finally admitting that staff absence, sickness is seriously affecting delivery speeds with delays up to 12 days for post/packages normally expected to arrive in 2-3. 
    As a result we're reducing the max value that RM services can be selected for.
  • Emails are mostly up to date.. Voicemail is pending. The latter is proving problematic, apologies we're struggling with this aspect.

  • Cartridge cleaning and refilled/remanufactuiring has failed to keep up to demand as we upgraded equipment and coped with enforced self-isolation, etc... so we are behind on sufficient stock of CLI-42 and PGI-72 in particular. Tweaks and fixes to the equipment following a major upgrade is ongoing and we're working hard to replenish stock over the next 2 weeks.


Update: Nov' 13th 2020 @ 22:45 GMT

  • As Above
  • DPD Local has now been implemented successfully and orders are being delivered promptly as hoped.
  • Royal Mail is struggling more than ever and we're now recommending use of other services (DHL Parcel, DPD, etc...) due to delays of more than a week in some cases. Large Letter items (eg: PrinterPads on free postage) are particularly affected.
  • Royal Mail shipments to International destinations are seeing delays but not as significant as domestic deliveries in the UK.
  • We have been managing to keep on top of most email messages and phone calls although a voicemail backlog has built up.
  • Manufacturing is ongoing with some delays due to stock shortages. Now resolved.


Update: Nov' 5th 2020 @ 22:45 GMT

  • As Above
  • Orders have shipped as normal this week
  • Voicemail backlog pending
  • Manufacturing is behind due to high demand/time available but we are focusing efforts on restocking CLI-42 refill ready cartridges for next Monday/Tuesday
  • Phone, email and/or support system queries/messages are taking longer than normal to receive a response.


Update: Nov' 4th 2020 @ 20:55 GMT

  • As Above
  • Orders are shipping Monday and Thursday
  • Support emails are resolved but voicemails are taking longer (Apologies if you're still waiting)
  • The UK National lockdown (#2) starts tomorrow so some delays are expected although we are already under serious restrictions anyway so this won't make much difference.
  • Phone, email and/or support system queries/messages are taking longer than normal to receive a response.


Update: Nov' 3rd 2020 @ 14:25 GMT

  • As Above
  • Orders were shipped Monday with any outstanding (received before Monday noon) shipped today.
  • Support emails now caught up. Voicemails pending.
  • National lockdown is pending from Thursday 5th Nov' but we were already at the highest restriction status so things continue as planned.
  • Phone, email and/or support system queries/messages are taking longer than normal to receive a response.

> PS: Good luck America... 


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